Monday, October 7, 2013

a new direction

It's been a million years in blogging time since my last post.
Let's first get my excuses aside... I have been going through a transition in my life, as well as in my crafting.

We have listed our house for sale, FINALLY! I'm hoping, fingers crossed, we will be moved into our new home before Christmas but we need to sell our house first! So, it's a waiting game for now.

Needless to say I have had to pack most of my craft room in bins and boxes, ready for our new home. I'm hoping I will have "my own" room there, or at the least a great NEW area to craft in.

This said I have a bunch of excess "stuff" I want to share with friends in my crafting circle, so if you'd like a FREE ephemera envelope of goodies: PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!

All I ask in return is that you mention me on your blog, just a simple thanks for the goodies and a link back to my blog would be awesome.

I have also gone through a change in my crafting focus,
and am truly excited to be taking on a new direction in it.

I made my very own SMASH BOOK, and to-go kit to take with me during a grand vacation I went on with my hubby. The only thing was I truly had no time or ambition to do anything with it while we were gone TO CHINA!

We've been back for several months already but the photos are haunting me... there are just so many and the theme of the book I had made is just not speaking to me (as stunning as it is). I've picked up some new supplies and am working with some great oriental prints, and can't wait to show you it once I decide how I want to bind it.

If you can't wait to see what types of things I'll be adding
and where we went and what we saw,
hop over to my PINTREST and check out my

Stay Inspired!

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