Monday, October 7, 2013

a new direction

It's been a million years in blogging time since my last post.
Let's first get my excuses aside... I have been going through a transition in my life, as well as in my crafting.

We have listed our house for sale, FINALLY! I'm hoping, fingers crossed, we will be moved into our new home before Christmas but we need to sell our house first! So, it's a waiting game for now.

Needless to say I have had to pack most of my craft room in bins and boxes, ready for our new home. I'm hoping I will have "my own" room there, or at the least a great NEW area to craft in.

This said I have a bunch of excess "stuff" I want to share with friends in my crafting circle, so if you'd like a FREE ephemera envelope of goodies: PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!

All I ask in return is that you mention me on your blog, just a simple thanks for the goodies and a link back to my blog would be awesome.

I have also gone through a change in my crafting focus,
and am truly excited to be taking on a new direction in it.

I made my very own SMASH BOOK, and to-go kit to take with me during a grand vacation I went on with my hubby. The only thing was I truly had no time or ambition to do anything with it while we were gone TO CHINA!

We've been back for several months already but the photos are haunting me... there are just so many and the theme of the book I had made is just not speaking to me (as stunning as it is). I've picked up some new supplies and am working with some great oriental prints, and can't wait to show you it once I decide how I want to bind it.

If you can't wait to see what types of things I'll be adding
and where we went and what we saw,
hop over to my PINTREST and check out my

Stay Inspired!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy February ~ POP!

This month has been a whorl of exiting new prospects! I have been crafting and swapping again!
I am delaying putting up those photos though, so my partners can receive them first, I just hate ruining a surprise!

And I've even been asked to assist on The Altered Paper's swap site!! If you would like and invite just let me know, as we've made the site private to protect everyone swapping there. That said, I've been so inspired by the group of ladies over there, they have renewed my spirits and brought back my "twinkle"! THANK YOU!! I can't wait to get to know each of you, and hopefully swap you as well.

I'm hoping all this renewal will start "shining though" here, on this blog. And I've made some decisions about my posts. This coming year they are going to be varied between:

  1. My crafting- for personal use - as well as Dollar Store inspirations
  2. My swapping- as well as, what I receive from my talented partners

What is my idea of an inspirational posts?  Well, there will be:


Will this be something you want to see?? Maybe, maybe not, but that is for you to decide.
So here it goes:


I joined a PINTREST pinning board swap on Swap-bot, and it was fun! It was a great excuse to beef-up an already existing board: GOING POSTAL, and show it off to some swappers that are interested in the same things.

mail art crafts
I'm thinking I'm going to be hosting some of those kinds of swaps on the .ning site... Yep.

February also has me thinking about Valentine's, of course!-
TH Configurations + Valentine's Day

Even though we don't really celebrate it, it is hard not to think about new ways to show your family, spouse and other loved ones that they are important.

30 Ways to say " i love YOU" Adorable Valentine Ideas!

Beside which, 
Pink <3

So SERIOUSLY, how can I object to a holiday filled with PINK and CHOCOLATE, and FLOWERS, and HEARTS, and LOVE?!

you can never have too much happy


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What a New Year!

This year so far has been a whorl wind. Where does the time go, I don't really know...

My days are filled with physio, organizing, cooking and activities with the kids. Which has been keeping me happy and obviously busy. I have done a bit of swapping: A special birthday swap with Tee, as well as my January tag, themed: Baby it's Cold outside. Here's the tag I sent to Tee via The Altered Paper's monthly tag swap.

I used a plain vanilla tag and stamped it with a large Winter Cottage Postcard stamp, I bought from Michael's store, in black archival ink. I then inked the tag with Tim Holtz Distress ink in Salty Ocean from the summer trio. I used a stamped image of Magnolia Designs- Midwinter Tilda with Lantern, that was stamped on watercolor paper. I then colored her in using my Tim Holtz Distress Markers and a water brush. I added some fun yarn as the tail, in our favorite color: PINK!
I had so much fun making this kind of tag! I don't usually color, but I really enjoyed doing it, so this is a technique I will definitely be doing more of in the near future!

Tee has since decided she's no longer going to be hosting swapping via her blog, so a fellow swapper, Amy has decided to open a site under the same name for swapping purposes:
 I sincerely hope those of us reliable swappers will find it to be a safe and fun place to swap through. Feel free to stop in and join in some of the awesome new swaps, as well as the ongoing tag-a- month swaps! Thanks again to Amy from the crafty book nerd, for this great undertaking.

Now, my darling daughter Ana just had her 3rd birthday! I can't believe how big she's grown or how smart she's becoming. She amazes me everyday, and truly fills my heart with joy!

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said she wanted: to bake her own cake, and decorate it and eat it. So we did just that! I found this awesome recipe for a "from scratch" chocolate party cake! The only thing it doesn't tell you is exactly how long to bake it, just to check it for firmness: I used my convection oven, and it took just over 25 mins. It was moist and lightly chocolaty, and oh so delicious!! Mmmm...

We covered it using this recipe for a butter cream icing, and it was stunning! It's not too sweet, and was easy enough to make. And of course we added in some pink food coloring just for the occasion, with some sprinkles and candles to top it all off!  And voila perfectly girly birthday cake! Well it tasted perfect at least, I do not claim to be a pro in any way.
The best part was having fun making Ana's birthday wish come true, and the cake was definitely was good enough to share!

Stay Inspired!

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