Monday, May 19, 2014

Swapping pages- PART 1

I've joined this great swapping group for Project life cards and pages on Facebook a while back. Basically I just watched for a while, not sure if I wanted to play along, or if I was even ready....
Turns out I am.
I slightly missed the deadline to join a full page swap with the theme of baby, then the same thing happened with the travel theme.... I voiced my frustrations, and was thrilled to hear another lady was also disappointed she did as well. Needless to say we are trading a Travel themed full premade page!

Project Life Template Design A

Basically what you do is using the design "A" template above design 8 cards that fit into the page using a travel theme. You pick card stock or patterned paper, add your embellishments, etc to make them travel themed. Then mail the cards to your partner, and wait for yours to arrive!

Here's the Travel page I made for my partner:

I found this awesome travel paper as part of a ready made mini photo album at my local Dollarama.
Of course I love the patterns so bought it, and cut it up!

I added the journaling die cut to the corner using
double sided tape on 2 sides,
to make a little flap she can add photos under.

This card has a photo or ephemera slide in pocket! AWESOME!
She can just side her goodies through the top behind the plastic, and it'll be safe!

For the left hand card I used a card from Recollections, and cut out the shape of the the thought bubble with my exact o knife, then I added some patterned paper behind it! 
The right hand card is just a patterned piece of matching paper.

For the left hand card I used a patterned piece paper and added journaling die cut to the center.
The right hand card is just a card from Recollections, that I added a couple cut outs to.

This card is just a piece of patterned paper.
I know how boring, LOL

For the last card I added a premade card from Recollections to the left side, in the style of a pocket.
I accented the card with a patterned paper boarder, and added a manila tag for photos or journaling.

I hope you like my first page!
I promise there are many more to come!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Blue Monday Instructions

I'm feeling blue today. Blue, and searchy...
The weather is cloudy and the air is damp.
I'm also not feeling well...

the blues jc header Free Printable Download    Blue Grid Journaling Elements
I found
these lovely
cards on a
blog I stumbled
upon via

Free Printable Download   On The Go Travel Journaling Cards
Free Printable Download    Fall Skies Journaling ElementsActually
the cards
drew me in
included a
lovely "E"
initial card,

with some
Mother's day
themed cards.

But today
I can't resist all
these Blue

Seems there are many of us out here, many more then will admit it...
Sometime life just gets us down.

I want to send hope to you, and your loved ones.

Free Printable Download    Hearts n Clouds Journaling Elements

Know that even though you're felling blue, or pink, or whatever color it may be, You are loved, and I love that you've taken time to share in my life. <3

Stay Inspired!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Has Spring FINALLY Sprung??

Hello everyone! And HELLO MAY!

One of the wonderful ladies in a Project Life group on Facebook I'm in, shared the link to these STUNNING cards for Project life! They are so feminine and soft, and just my style!
I'm sure they will be making it into my elusive PL family book I'm going to be starting any year time now.

I also think they would make awesome greeting card fronts, or even lovely postcards/ notes to send to a friend!


This last week (maybe a bit more) I have been dealing with some stomach issues.... How not fun!
Hopefully they will be resolved soon, and I can get back to real life, instead of feeling sore and pouting.

The funny thing is even though I've been feeling crappy, the warmer weather and the melted snow has lifted my spirits!
Here's another lovely printable art card I found via PINTEREST!
It is also sized (on the site) big enough to be printed out as a wall art!  Love IT <3!

And a few more wonderful "Signs of Spring" PL journaling cards I found via PINTEREST.
I adore the mason jars and whimsical flowers. They make me feel a little nostalgic...

"Signs of Spring" FREE Printables

Hopefully these inspire you all towards spring time, and outdoor enjoyments such as tea on the deck!

I literally can't wait!
Happy Spring!

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