Sunday, June 15, 2014

LIVE- Swapping pages- PART 2

Another fun swap page I made, in the single page "A" layout style. For this swap we were to make it using any 4 letter word as our theme. I took me a while to pick my word, but once I did it was easy!

I wanted to use some bright fun papers. I own a ton, and never seem to use enough of them, so was thrilled using this vintage Berry Sweet- K&CoMPANY paper pad.

And upon shopping my stash I found some awesome goodies to use:

  • alphabet stickers 
  • random washi (from a swap)
  • Recollections label
  • Kaiser craft sticker sheet flags
  • butterfly patterned card cut down to size

My process:
First I pick my papers, and cut them to fit into my "A" sleeve, to make sure I like the look.
(note: In this photo I already added my alphas in this photo)

And then I begin my embellishment card by card.

For my first cards I used this cute mushroom printed paper. I decided I wanted to make 2 - 4" x 6" cards with it, one for the top row, and one for the bottom. (This seems to be a growing trend for me)

For the top left card, I just kept it simple by using flower patterned washi tape, and layering over top a remember flag.

For the top right card I wanted to add some photo mats, as sometimes it's hard to decide where to add them in these types of layouts.

I used a cute paper with a stitched edge as my base, then used 1/2 of the paper left over from a card I had received in the mail. (The pattern was just so cute I couldn't toss it), as my photo mat. I accented the edges with some flowered washi tape.

For the 4 middle 3" x 4" cards I used the same printed paper. It's covered in a beautiful floral design and accented with stunning glitter.

 I added the letter stickers to the bottom right corners, and traced the outside with a navy marker to highlight them.

This left bottom card is a mirrored image of the top right one, offering another great spot for a photo.

The last card adds the rest of my quote to this page.
I've had several people asking how I use label stickers, and how I choose my alphabet stickers.

Well I choose these alphas to highlight the orange in this card.
I simply added them on top of my label, then added that to the top left corner of the card.

 And here's my finished and fully embellished page!
The photo's unfortunately don't do it justice, as it's hard to capture the glitter and vibrancy of the colors.
I truly hope my partner enjoys this page as much as I did making it.

 Remember LIVE your life to it's fullest!
(And happy Father's day!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the run!

I've been here, there, and everywhere but here.
Sorry, sorta!

I've been having too much fun, I've also been out to a couple crops, and enjoyed some time with some great new crafty friends!

I even got to enjoy a spontaneous vacation with Hubby, spending time with friends, and even celebrated a couple birthdays along the way!

I have tons to share, as always yet I haven't quite had the time to get them together!
Promise me you'll forgive me, LOL

Anyways, I've found some great freebies to share in the mean time.

Free Carnation 3x4 Pocket/Journal Cards from Pretty Little Studio via The Pocket Source

I stumbled upon these beauties on PINTEREST!
Everything about them speaks to me! I love the color pallet, the vintage flower packets. and even the patterns. They are quite stunning, and you can bet I will be printing a few to use, as well as share!

And with the weekend coming up fast, as well as Father's day, I was so thrilled to stumble over this cute card. It will be perfect to make with the kids for their Daddy, and Poppa both! And with step-by-step instructions should be easy enough to get Ana to join in!

Hybrid Father's Day Cards

Besides this, the summer is already shaping up with plans already being made, and I should have loads of things to share. ;)
Stay inspired!

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