Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Packing Insanity!

Just a quick update:
I am going mentally insane!! LOL...  No really! Trying to pack a house full of 5 peoples things (basically alone), plus helping load the trailer with hubby, and trying to clean while keeping care of my mini's me's is proving too much at the moment!! ( HELP )


I promise November, after everything is moved and I've begun unpacking, I will get this blog ROCKING! Again thanks for still following along, and also for your patience while I get into our dream home!!

Stay Inspired, and play nice!! <3

Friday, October 10, 2014

Digital fun!

I'm new to doing things digitally, but had fun fooling with a new program, which is perfect for me right now considering my house is currently a pile of boxes!
I decided to check into a FREE app for my computer, to see if I like digital, as well as because of all the hype over the new BH Project life app (which is currently only available on Ipad or Iphone.

I decided to try El Collagero, for windows. This is a great free collaging app, BUT I wish there were a few more options available within it, such as layering. Oh well... like it says it's free, and had alot of other great options!

I went back and used some photos from 2013 Ex trip and added some of these awesome cards that were made and shared with me by Leslie Harvey! I feel so honored to have the chance to showcase them with my photos! 

I also decided that since we are getting geared up to move (finally), that I would do a page with a photo of our current house, and then later make another with a photo of our new house!!

Thanks for stopping by, if you like these the project life cards as much as I do

please head over and purchase them here, and thanks again Leslie for letting me play along!

Stay Inspired!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

All About That Bass

Nothing like a little video inspiration to bring us back to where we all should be:

Happy to be ourselves and comfortable in our own skin!

Stay Inspired,
and above all be happy with who you are!

~ Elysia

Sunday, June 15, 2014

LIVE- Swapping pages- PART 2

Another fun swap page I made, in the single page "A" layout style. For this swap we were to make it using any 4 letter word as our theme. I took me a while to pick my word, but once I did it was easy!

I wanted to use some bright fun papers. I own a ton, and never seem to use enough of them, so was thrilled using this vintage Berry Sweet- K&CoMPANY paper pad.

And upon shopping my stash I found some awesome goodies to use:

  • alphabet stickers 
  • random washi (from a swap)
  • Recollections label
  • Kaiser craft sticker sheet flags
  • butterfly patterned card cut down to size

My process:
First I pick my papers, and cut them to fit into my "A" sleeve, to make sure I like the look.
(note: In this photo I already added my alphas in this photo)

And then I begin my embellishment card by card.

For my first cards I used this cute mushroom printed paper. I decided I wanted to make 2 - 4" x 6" cards with it, one for the top row, and one for the bottom. (This seems to be a growing trend for me)

For the top left card, I just kept it simple by using flower patterned washi tape, and layering over top a remember flag.

For the top right card I wanted to add some photo mats, as sometimes it's hard to decide where to add them in these types of layouts.

I used a cute paper with a stitched edge as my base, then used 1/2 of the paper left over from a card I had received in the mail. (The pattern was just so cute I couldn't toss it), as my photo mat. I accented the edges with some flowered washi tape.

For the 4 middle 3" x 4" cards I used the same printed paper. It's covered in a beautiful floral design and accented with stunning glitter.

 I added the letter stickers to the bottom right corners, and traced the outside with a navy marker to highlight them.

This left bottom card is a mirrored image of the top right one, offering another great spot for a photo.

The last card adds the rest of my quote to this page.
I've had several people asking how I use label stickers, and how I choose my alphabet stickers.

Well I choose these alphas to highlight the orange in this card.
I simply added them on top of my label, then added that to the top left corner of the card.

 And here's my finished and fully embellished page!
The photo's unfortunately don't do it justice, as it's hard to capture the glitter and vibrancy of the colors.
I truly hope my partner enjoys this page as much as I did making it.

 Remember LIVE your life to it's fullest!
(And happy Father's day!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the run!

I've been here, there, and everywhere but here.
Sorry, sorta!

I've been having too much fun, I've also been out to a couple crops, and enjoyed some time with some great new crafty friends!

I even got to enjoy a spontaneous vacation with Hubby, spending time with friends, and even celebrated a couple birthdays along the way!

I have tons to share, as always yet I haven't quite had the time to get them together!
Promise me you'll forgive me, LOL

Anyways, I've found some great freebies to share in the mean time.

Free Carnation 3x4 Pocket/Journal Cards from Pretty Little Studio via The Pocket Source

I stumbled upon these beauties on PINTEREST!
Everything about them speaks to me! I love the color pallet, the vintage flower packets. and even the patterns. They are quite stunning, and you can bet I will be printing a few to use, as well as share!

And with the weekend coming up fast, as well as Father's day, I was so thrilled to stumble over this cute card. It will be perfect to make with the kids for their Daddy, and Poppa both! And with step-by-step instructions should be easy enough to get Ana to join in!

Hybrid Father's Day Cards

Besides this, the summer is already shaping up with plans already being made, and I should have loads of things to share. ;)
Stay inspired!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Swapping pages- PART 1

I've joined this great swapping group for Project life cards and pages on Facebook a while back. Basically I just watched for a while, not sure if I wanted to play along, or if I was even ready....
Turns out I am.
I slightly missed the deadline to join a full page swap with the theme of baby, then the same thing happened with the travel theme.... I voiced my frustrations, and was thrilled to hear another lady was also disappointed she did as well. Needless to say we are trading a Travel themed full premade page!

Project Life Template Design A

Basically what you do is using the design "A" template above design 8 cards that fit into the page using a travel theme. You pick card stock or patterned paper, add your embellishments, etc to make them travel themed. Then mail the cards to your partner, and wait for yours to arrive!

Here's the Travel page I made for my partner:

I found this awesome travel paper as part of a ready made mini photo album at my local Dollarama.
Of course I love the patterns so bought it, and cut it up!

I added the journaling die cut to the corner using
double sided tape on 2 sides,
to make a little flap she can add photos under.

This card has a photo or ephemera slide in pocket! AWESOME!
She can just side her goodies through the top behind the plastic, and it'll be safe!

For the left hand card I used a card from Recollections, and cut out the shape of the the thought bubble with my exact o knife, then I added some patterned paper behind it! 
The right hand card is just a patterned piece of matching paper.

For the left hand card I used a patterned piece paper and added journaling die cut to the center.
The right hand card is just a card from Recollections, that I added a couple cut outs to.

This card is just a piece of patterned paper.
I know how boring, LOL

For the last card I added a premade card from Recollections to the left side, in the style of a pocket.
I accented the card with a patterned paper boarder, and added a manila tag for photos or journaling.

I hope you like my first page!
I promise there are many more to come!

Monday, May 5, 2014


Blue Monday Instructions

I'm feeling blue today. Blue, and searchy...
The weather is cloudy and the air is damp.
I'm also not feeling well...

the blues jc header Free Printable Download    Blue Grid Journaling Elements
I found
these lovely
cards on a
blog I stumbled
upon via

Free Printable Download   On The Go Travel Journaling Cards
Free Printable Download    Fall Skies Journaling ElementsActually
the cards
drew me in
included a
lovely "E"
initial card,

with some
Mother's day
themed cards.

But today
I can't resist all
these Blue

Seems there are many of us out here, many more then will admit it...
Sometime life just gets us down.

I want to send hope to you, and your loved ones.

Free Printable Download    Hearts n Clouds Journaling Elements

Know that even though you're felling blue, or pink, or whatever color it may be, You are loved, and I love that you've taken time to share in my life. <3

Stay Inspired!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Has Spring FINALLY Sprung??

Hello everyone! And HELLO MAY!

One of the wonderful ladies in a Project Life group on Facebook I'm in, shared the link to these STUNNING cards for Project life! They are so feminine and soft, and just my style!
I'm sure they will be making it into my elusive PL family book I'm going to be starting any year time now.

I also think they would make awesome greeting card fronts, or even lovely postcards/ notes to send to a friend!


This last week (maybe a bit more) I have been dealing with some stomach issues.... How not fun!
Hopefully they will be resolved soon, and I can get back to real life, instead of feeling sore and pouting.

The funny thing is even though I've been feeling crappy, the warmer weather and the melted snow has lifted my spirits!
Here's another lovely printable art card I found via PINTEREST!
It is also sized (on the site) big enough to be printed out as a wall art!  Love IT <3!

And a few more wonderful "Signs of Spring" PL journaling cards I found via PINTEREST.
I adore the mason jars and whimsical flowers. They make me feel a little nostalgic...

"Signs of Spring" FREE Printables

Hopefully these inspire you all towards spring time, and outdoor enjoyments such as tea on the deck!

I literally can't wait!
Happy Spring!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

HOPPY Easter!

Easter is a time for me with family and friends.

Vintage Easter Postcard by riptheskull, via Flickr

And this usually means lots of photos of
our kids with Easter Baskets!

I've been debating and have decided:
Yep, I'm going all in!

PROJECT LIFE is going to be happening alot in my world!
I'm planning on going back to the start of this year and documenting it all pocket style.

I'm not going to do project 365, or even bi-weekly, 
but a monthly 2 page spread about our life
and what we've been up to!

5th+and+frolic+camera+album+project+life.JPG (640×480)

So to get me started besides all the 1/3 packs of 
core kits I'm collecting, 
I will be adding in some printed freebie journaling cards!

I have found some awesome ones via PINTEREST!

{Free} Easter Printables & Project Life | Inspired By Peanut & Bean

free printable Project Life cards for Easter

Heather Greenwood aka Scrap Happy Hippie: Easter Freebie Journal Cards
      (click on individual photos for links)

Enjoy! And Hoppy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Where to start....

Where to start....

Blogging again seems to be a hard thing for me.
Maybe because it requires I share myself with the world again.
I have all the ideas, and know what I'd like to share, but I just can't seem to force myself to do it. 

I feel like that awkward girl staring at her crush during a high school dance. 

high school dance. Wish I knew what year this was. Guessing...1975

OK (deep breath), so.... I've fallen for a new love!
It's hard to admit, and to let go of old thoughts and feelings, but it's making me happier then I've ever been!
And the next step is just admitting it.
Admitting it to all my friends, and by moving forward and onward into a new phase in my crafting life.

I've fallen HARD for the world of Pocket scrapbooking, or as some call it Project Life!
I'm in love with the look and simplicity of ordering my photos, adding them to the pocket page protectors and journaling on cards added to the empty space.
I'm in love with the cards available, and the option of making my own cards;
I'm in love with the tiny embellishments that are trending,
and I'm sure as heck IN DEEP LOVE WITH WASHI TAPE!

If you have no clue what I'm talking about here's an awesome explanation in an awesome YouTube video!

So far I have been using this style of book to document our 11 day trip we did to China last year.
I'm finding that it's perfect for photo heavy pages, and the splashes of journaling I wish to add.
I've only just begun and have more then 20 pages just documenting the first 2 days!

I've been joining some awesome Project life based Facebook groups, as well as been pinning tons of different Project Life inspiration on my PINTEREST boards

April Showers by Katie Daisy
Feel free to snoop around, and follow if you see anything you like!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more of what I find.
What products I'm using and like,
and maybe even a glimpse into my CHINA trip book!

Stay Inspired!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday reflections


Seems I've lost myself.

I've lost my interest in blogging,

my interest in crafting,
my interest in scrapbooking....

Or have I just lost my interest in seeking approval from the outside world.
I think that's probably it.

I've been on an inward journey.

A journey which has taken me towards a new view on life,
a new view on me, and what I want to achieve.

I have been crafting. I have been swapping.
I have even been scrapbooking, TRULY SCRAPBOOKING.
I have been doing it all my way without prying eyes to judge me and my work.



I've also been finding I miss sharing it all with you!


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