Friday, December 30, 2011


I've completely lost my mind over swapping!
I'm constantly looking for something or someone to swap with.
I'm always expecting mail, you know the good non-bill kind that comes to your home.
Really, you don't get any?! Want me to send you some???

I'm in love with crafting and making things, and my hubby is constantly saying well what is that for?
Well, now these things are mostly for swapping.
I've decided to do the unthinkable and sign up for EVERY swap this year on another blog site:

Tee, that lady who's blog this is hosts all these awesome swaps is more then willing to be a true swapper by joining in all her swaps and "Angel" anyone who doesn't get their item from the person that was supposed to swap.

I so far in about 6 months of swapping have not received 2 items I swapped for. That's not too bad considering how many I've been doing as of late. 
One was a mini Halloween spell book I can't remember where it was swapped through though so guess I just lost out on that one...
The other a fall themed matchbox, and Tee made me one to comp. for the one that I didn't get. What a great lady, she even sent me some great Christmas goodies with it.

 I opened my package and here's what I found!

 My Fall Matchbox Tee sent
 Wow, look there's goodies in there!

And who would have thought that all this stuff could fit in one matchbox!
Here's a close up of that super sparkly Santa ornament:

Thanks again Tee, I can't wait to show everyone our birthday's swap.

Make sure you head on over to her site, and sign up for some swaps! She's hosting quite a few right now that are open, such as: Monthly TAG swap,
  • Jan-Winter-New Years
  • Feb-Hearts- Valentines- Groundhog Day
  • March- Spring-St. Patrick's
  • April- Showers- Aprils Fool-Earth Day
  • May- Flowers-Mothers Day
  • June-Summer- Fathers Day-Flag Day
  • July-Red,White & Blue
  • Aug-Sun-Bathing Beauties
  • Sept-Fall
  • Oct-Halloween
  • Nov-Thanksgiving
  • Dec-Christmas

Then she's also hosting other themed swaps, such as:

Mystery Envelope #8 Challenge/Swap

Vintage ATC Swap

And that's just for January! She has the list for February up already too:

Pin Cushion Swap

Valentine ATC

Mystery Envelope Challenge/Swap #9

Tag A Month Swap -Feb

 Make sure you fly on over and send her an email if you'd like to join!
Also make sure you let her know I sent you, that said if you do join make sure:
 your committed to making them and to sending out your swaps on time!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great holiday season!

 As I said before my birthday was on December 17th, and having arrived home on my birthday we didn't do to much that day. We just ordered in some take-out and relaxed, enjoying our space and TV, LOL.

 My hubby arrived home a couple days later with these flowers, just before we headed to my Dad's place for a great birthday supper!
What a great wintery bouquet!
This cute guy was peeking out just waiting to say "Happy Birthday!"

 And why was this flower in such a wintery bouquet one would only know...
Guess someone designed it just for me?!

I hope you all have been having a great holiday season, filled with Black Friday shopping, MERRY CHRISTMAS GIFTS AND DINNERS, and of course BOXING WEEK SALES TOO.

Between all these I'm sure you've gotten quite a hall, and if not I know you can stop by the SCRAPIN' WITH FLAIR site to see what's on sale there too!! I know there's a number of kits and papers on clearance to make room for the new stuff that will soon enough be filling the shelves from CHA.
We are currently taking a break from our monthly kits and design team duties to relax over the holiday season, but will be back with a Valentine's themed kit for February.

So, I've been doing some of my own things around the house. I absolutely love decorating for the holidays and this is one of my favorite home made accessories:

I actually created this Christmas arrangement using freebies!

I was given this crazy green vase from a friend... it didn't do anything for her she said, it just made her think of me, so she figured it would be best if I had it, LOL.
I was also given a shopping bag full of mixed faux flowers and Christmas crafting stuff from an acquaintance.
Frankly most of the bag was junk, but I did manage to salvage the streamers, poinsettias, and the adorable bird house with pine cones and berry accessories.

All for a cost of FREE! 
I have seen approx. the same things while out and about shopping and am sure to make something similar would cost approx.:
Vase at thrift store $5.00 - $7.00
Flowers at dollar store: $5.00 - $7.00
Streamers at dollar store $2.00

Still a very cheap center piece or great thrifty gift! I also made a thrifty door wreath, but have yet to take some photos. I promise to try to get those up soon.

I also thought I'd take the time to show off how great my tree looked this year. 

We decorated it before we went on our trip, so it was ready and waiting for us when we got home.
Man was I glad to see that tree, LOL.
 This ceramic tree was made by my hubby's Bubba, since she is no longer with us his Mom passed it on to me. It is something I will always treasure.

 And no Christmas is complete without dancing Santa. He sits on top of one of our speakers in the living room, just behind the couch so our kids can turn him on. He plays "Have a holly jolly Christmas".

 This sweet snowman chair covers were given to us by my hubby's secretary. They make me smile!

And my flower arrangement ended up hanging out beside my money tree in the kitchen.
How festive!

That said I had a great Christmas, surrounded with family and spoiled by my DH who was not supposed to buy me anything (since we went on that crazy trip). *THANKS AGAIN FOR THE CRICUT HUN*

I also came home from my holidays to find a mount of mail waiting for me:
But that can wait until tomorrow. Unless you were the one who sent me a package I had to sign for, then message me because by the time I got to the post office they had returned it....

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm back and managed to survive over driving 7078 kms in 13 days with my family of 5, averaging a whopping 6-ish hours of sleep per night! MAN AM I HAPPY TO BE HOME!

We made it to Las Vegas NV in 2 days, then spent 4 days there.
We spent time taking in some free attractions, went to see the
 wax museum,

and enjoying all they had to offer the CIRCUS CIRCUS HOTEL.

Then headed to my Mom's trailer in Apache Junction AZ for 4 days, spent time with family, investigated the area including spending the day at GOLDFEILD'S ghost town. The kids LOVED it!Goldfield Gunfighters Group_2011

And I even managed to sneak away for 3 hours for some shopping with my Mom. (As well as did a bit with the family, not much though with having all 3 kids.)

Then we headed to the "GRAND CANYON"! My oh my was it grand!

We actually ended up spending an extra night just so we could see it more, and man was that worth it!

Jase and I even went and investigated a cool Indian watch tower along the rim!
 Desert View Watchtower
He told me it was "like a dream come true!"

Then it took 2 more days and a last very horrible night in Havre, Montana, USA. (I feel sorry for anyone who calls that shit-hole town/ city their home). NOTE: NEVER STOP THERE, unless you like the smell of dead bodies in your hotel rooms. 4 different rooms, and 2 hotels later, all at 2 or 3 times the price of staying at the CIRCUS CIRCUS in Las Vegas, we just decided to sleep in our van.

That said I was SO happy to drop off my overly chatty step-son yesterday night and get my kids and hubby home to MY OWN HOUSE here in Saskatoon SK CANADA

Man do I ever need sleep, but there's still allot to do before Christmas including some birthdays to celebrate (2 nephews, a niece, and my own included). Plus there's still some last minute Christmas crafting and work to get to. Oh yeah and the laundry, LOL


Monday, November 28, 2011

Life just gets in the way!

Life just gets in the way! I swear that's what seems to happen every time I turn around lately!
I have been busy with work, and my family and getting ready for a vacation... the kind that involves all 3 kids, and going to see my Mom and her hubby. YICKS!!
I'm seriously thinking I need my head examined for letting my hubby convince me that 3 weeks before Christmas this is a grand idea and is going to be fun. But hell I've always been a sucker for a vacation of any type, and seriously he could convince me that a trip to the sun would be fun on the hottest day of the century. (But don't tell him that, LOL)

That said I'm trying to cram all my clients in days before I leave, as well as get every thing packed and ready to go. Along with the usual: listening to a million present requests from the kids, doing a ton of Christmas shopping and then there's the fact that we ended setting up our tree over 2 weeks early. (It would have never ended up done and decorated when we get back, I'm so over booked it's not funny!)

I have done some crafting over this last month, and I need to post the photos for them as well as allot of swap things so this posting is a big one, to get (myself). everyone caught up. (Can you ever get caught up on life?!? Is anyone ever done doing laundry?? Is there ever enough hours in a day!? OMG! All I want for Christmas is a personal assistant, OK?)

So first off I've been getting some great mail!

 My Darling girl, helping Mommy craft.. sorta.
So a while ago I got this awesome envelope full of stuff that we were supposed to take parts of the contents from and make something wonderful. The lady (I unfortunately can't remember who, and can't seem to find the rest of the envelope or other contents at the moment SORRY awesome mystery envelope lady!), SHE  sent me a whole lot of PINK stuff!
 And this was the result of that; an awesome paint swatch tea party tag!
I absolutely LOVE PINK!
And all the romantic pink bits were just what I needed that day.
This beauty only took 15 mins to make start to finish.

Now this one was through swap-bot and was an international tea swap.
What de-lish goodies!

I also joined a swap for some recipe cards thinking they would be great for random journaling.
 So cool!

Then also through swap-bot a great Ephemera themed ATC
 Thanks again Jenn for the extra goodies!

I also did this swap through Tee's site for 10 hat/ stick pins.
We had to not only make some fancy pins to send our partner, but some sort of display
or holder for them as well.
Here's the lovely set I received!
 Outside front

 Close up of the beautifully designed pins inside!

 Close up of the front flower pin
 Thanks again so much!
I absolutely love them all! 

Then I traded for a Thanksgiving themed ATC through:
Blissful ATC swaps

 This is the cool envelope I received!
It got me thinking I really need to spend some time on my envelopes to give the mail more of a wow factor!
 cool stamps
Cute little dudes along the bottom edge!

Here's what was inside:
Handmade card, and Thankful ATC

And a great assortment a goodies to boot!!
 Thanks for the awesome cards, and the extras Jane!!!

Now back to swap-bot, I got these cool stickers in an international trade.

And this cutie-pie digital ATC from Miseducated!

I also did a mystery envelope swap through Swap-bot and got these cool goodies:
Some ATC sized papers, and mini box, and envelope of tiny things.

 ATC, and awesome pansy stationary pieces
Teddy stationary pieces, and notepad papers

Stamped images

 and this cute zippy bag with tiny stickers!

I also did a birthday card exchange via swap-bot, as my birthdays coming up on DECEMBER 17TH!
It's so hard to think about being 35 at this moment, but I'm hoping it will rock!
Here's my first of 3 cards to come:

And what a cool scarf too!
Thanks so much!

Well hope this was all thrilling for you all, and sorry I'm not sure of who did what for somethings, but I promise within the next couple of days I will try to rectify that, and add in some links.

If you see something here that you sent, by all means help my scramble egg brain and send me an email:
or if you want to send me a birthday card, I would be super happy to get it!!
i LOVE mail!

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Saskatoon SK S7M 5M6

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