Thursday, May 17, 2012

NEW SWAP: Handmade flowers & last swaps button winner!

Hello everyone! I hope you've been enjoying spring as much as we have!
We went and picked up some new lily bulbs, as well as some plants for the large pots in front of the house.
We also got a couple of hanging baskets on sale too, which was great!!

We planted everything this past weekend, and early this week... I can't wait to see all the blooms!

I also came across some super old seeds so the kids and I through them in a few random pots,
 to see what happens. One can only guess what will grow!!

With this frenzy of spring I have been rather inspired to start bringing that fresh new beginning feel into the creations I've been making. More flowers, and brighter jewel tones! Bring on the sunshine!

That said I thought you may like to join in some spring time fun!

*ALL photos you will see below were found on PINTREST!*
*They all link to the original tutorials on how to make the flowers pictured*

Handmade Flowers

The swap works like this:

You hand make a minimum of 12 flowers in whatever color/ design you like.

 They can be made from
whatever medium you like:
paper, fabric, ribbon, lace, felt, crocheted etc.

The flowers must be a minimum size of
2" across in diameter
(if they are smaller you need to send 2 flowers to equal 1)

Then simply mail them to your partner, and wait for yours to arrive!

To sign up email me Elysia @

Sign up due before: May 25th, 2012
Partners assigned on: May 26th, 2012
MAIL DUE OUT BY: May 29th, 2012

You can start making them as soon as I confirm your sign up!

I can't wait to see all the different flowers everyone makes!
I will be adding a linking party to my blog post, on the send out date,
so everyone can see each others finished flowers!

Here's some great ideas:

Pinned ImageHandmade Paper Flowers

   Pinned Image    cute lace flowers!
        Pinned ImagePinned Image
  Pinned Image      Pinned ImagePinned ImagePinned Image

If you'd like to look at more I have a WHOLE PINTREST BOARD FULL:

If you are not a PINTREST user but want to be,
just leave your email address in a comment below, or email it to me and I'll send you an invite!

We also FINALLY did a draw via RANDOM.ORG for this last months extra buttons from

And the winner is:
Amy @
Congratulations Amy!!

(PHOTO of buttons PENDING)

Hope this swap inspires you all to make some great flowers!


  1. I would love an invite to Pinterest Elysia! I am going to have to pass on this swap because I am backed up with DT projects, hopefully there will be a next time?!
    Beth P

    1. If you can send me your email address Beth, I will gladly send you one! ~Elysia


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