Friday, October 19, 2012

Dead Zone... Crafting Space redo!

Hello everyone, I know it's been too long since my last post.

I've been going through some changes:
My crafting area has been totally redone and organised.

Some may say YEAH!! But, I honestly am not totally sure I like what happened...
My hubby decided what I needed, and I guess I agreed, but frankly it's more of a beige reflexion of him then the type of colorfully eclectic space I was accustom to. 

Here's the before, well sorta... You see I did start taking things apart.

 I emptied some drawers and 

started boxing up some things, so do excuse some of the mess. 

I will say only some because truthfully I did leave stuff out all the time,
as there was no where else for it to go.

Yikes, what a mess it was!!

Here my DH snapped a picture of me sorting...
I spent about a week sitting, and sorting, and organising it all.

Now, due to the lack of having my space, and everything sitting in boxes needing to be put away,
I wasn't making much of anything.... That sucked, BIG TIME! 
That said I started resorting to doing other weird things like:
 cleaning my own house, spending time outdoors, and even baking things for the kids.
I have to say it's taken me too long to get back into baking stuff,
I love the way it makes me feel being able to say I made this without it being something paper....
and I love the smiles my little monsters give me from a fresh cookie. 

Yes, I do now have much more room to work, and everything more or less has a space to go into,
but that truly doesn't make me feel more productive.
Although, I do now know that I seriously don't need to buy any more
products for at least the next 5 yrs. ( As if that will ever really happen, LOL)

But seriously here's what you've all been wanting to see:

I went to work one night and come home to this. 

 The start of a lot more work, LOL, and my wonderful husband

finishing up installing my NEW cabinets from Home Depot. <3

I've recorded a video of the ins and outs of my room, but I'm not quite happy with how it turned out, so will have to redo it early next week when my house if full of less kids.
So for now you will have to live with some photos!!

 This is my new desk, it's from IKEA, but I got it used in like new condition for $60.00

 I bought these 2 hanging baskets for $2.00 at a garage sale.
They store my current projects, in the top one, and the bottom one stores my paper cutters, some misc. ribbon scraps and a collection of playing cards.
On the floor is a accordion file folder I bought at Wal-Mart for $12.00,
which now holds a bunch of random paper scraps.

This desk also folds down along that side to free up some extra space, if I wanted.

But for now I have a collection of goodies on it. :D

I also have my computer on my desk too.
It's great to look at inspiration while I craft.

My favorite thing about this desk really is the large drawer!
I found some awesome drawer inserts at the Dollarama that fit perfectly!
They have allowed me to organize all my most needed and used items!!

This ones full of tapes, both decorative and ones for crafting.

I have one totally dedicated to my distress inks! <3

And the best thing is I can just pull the whole thing out, use them and then put them right back in!

I have one with my crackle paints, metallic inks, and distress embossing powders.

And the last one has my Martha Stewart inks, other misc. inks, my Lindy Stamp Gang magicals
as well as sanding papers and blocks.

Next to my desk is this little stand,
which holds my printer, papers, and other books I need.

The ledge above my desk holds a lot of inspiration,
my lamp, and
things I love.

As well as photos, and disks full of them.
Things my friends have given me,

some swapped goodies,

and some stuff I need to use too!

 As well as a way to display some of my newest things I've received.

 These are my new cabinets!
We bought 3 of them, to fit the wall plus added 2 fold down door inserts,
4 sets of drawer inserts, and 2 cupboard door inserts.

 I put my paper storage containers at the top, as the cubes are 14" x 14"
so they didn't quite fit in the cubbies.

 I've even had enough room to display some of my things,


 as well as hide some of the larger bins behind it.

 Some of my smaller containers have been used to sort and store other things,
Like cabochons, buttons, brads, flowers and 

 of course ribbons (too many ribbons)
 tons of bling,
 and lace.
 As well as feathers, fabric pieces and fibers.

Buckets full of stamps

In the drawers I have sorted out my embellishments by theme.



 flowers & bugs

 winter/ christmas

 words & letters


 and other holidays, like Easter and Halloween.

I even found some bigger drawer inserts from the Dollarama.
 I sorted my office type supplies, washi tapes, flocking powders, and loose glitter.
  as well as paint, adhesives, and punches.

I even have a few hidden goodies.
 my kawaii stash,
 my personal ephemera I need to scrap.

 I also have  a big bin of beads and jewelry/ stick pin making supplies.

 And another full of chipboards, and other die cuts.

The bottom shelves hold: 
 my cuttlebug, and dies and embossing folders

 My tool chest

 a few boxes with paper kits, photos and other various items.

 And my cricut.

 After all that, I know where everything is.
Of course I have a few things that still need to be sorted,
but I think that will be an ongoing thing, LOL

WOW, what a room!!

I really feel compelled after all that work to keep it clean. But not so much so that I haven't been creating. ;)

I've finally even started swapping again, I mean I've actually mailed out more than 1 package this month, WOW! Frankly I think the lack of fun mail was also getting to me. 
Talk about weird.

In case you've been wondering where my blog swaps went, they've been re rerooted to our Scraping with Flair .ning community.
Please follow this link if you'd like an invite, it is open to all crafting people!!

Seriously what was I doing before I swapped stuff???
What was I doing before blogging??
Oh yeah:  holding my babies, LOL.

I hope you've enjoyed my super detailed tour.
Stay Inspired~Elysia

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