Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This season...

The last few months have been whistling by!

As you've probably noticed, I've been sorely lacking in the blogging department....
Leanne decided to shut down her design team for Scrap'n with Flair unfortunately, so that left me wondering what the do next. To blog still or not to blog... do I try to go a different route with my blog?!
I'm still not too sure what I want to achieve, just yet....

Then I seriously hurt my back 6 weeks ago. Since that's happened I have had to spend less time doing what I want, and more time going to physio and doing exercises. Well sorta...

I have still been doing a few swaps here and there, just focusing on the changing seasons,

My thankful themed -Nov. Tag of the month

and the up coming Christmas holiday's and the winter season, and having fun through my great friend Tee's blog:  The Altered Paper.

My Father Christmas themed tag   &   Christmas themed matchbox

And my duo of The Night before Christmas ATC's

The Altered Paper has a ton of great swaps set up for this Christmas season, as well as into the new year, so make sure to check out her blog and sign up for any you are interested in!!

I've also been personally challenging myself to spend more QUALITY time with my family. Given the time of year, it's time we think less about ourselves single-ly, and more as a unit including the people we love.

Ana and I have been assisting with Jase's class (for a while now) at school during outings and such, which has been a ton of fun for us all.

Ana and Jase:  Wondering about SANTA 

I'm looking forward to spending this holiday season to those most important to me, and discovering what this next year will bring to me and my loved ones.

Please take the time to hug your kids, kiss your significant others, and tell your other family members how important they are to you not just now, but ALL YEAR LONG!


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