Sunday, May 4, 2014

Has Spring FINALLY Sprung??

Hello everyone! And HELLO MAY!

One of the wonderful ladies in a Project Life group on Facebook I'm in, shared the link to these STUNNING cards for Project life! They are so feminine and soft, and just my style!
I'm sure they will be making it into my elusive PL family book I'm going to be starting any year time now.

I also think they would make awesome greeting card fronts, or even lovely postcards/ notes to send to a friend!


This last week (maybe a bit more) I have been dealing with some stomach issues.... How not fun!
Hopefully they will be resolved soon, and I can get back to real life, instead of feeling sore and pouting.

The funny thing is even though I've been feeling crappy, the warmer weather and the melted snow has lifted my spirits!
Here's another lovely printable art card I found via PINTEREST!
It is also sized (on the site) big enough to be printed out as a wall art!  Love IT <3!

And a few more wonderful "Signs of Spring" PL journaling cards I found via PINTEREST.
I adore the mason jars and whimsical flowers. They make me feel a little nostalgic...

"Signs of Spring" FREE Printables

Hopefully these inspire you all towards spring time, and outdoor enjoyments such as tea on the deck!

I literally can't wait!
Happy Spring!

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