Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the run!

I've been here, there, and everywhere but here.
Sorry, sorta!

I've been having too much fun, I've also been out to a couple crops, and enjoyed some time with some great new crafty friends!

I even got to enjoy a spontaneous vacation with Hubby, spending time with friends, and even celebrated a couple birthdays along the way!

I have tons to share, as always yet I haven't quite had the time to get them together!
Promise me you'll forgive me, LOL

Anyways, I've found some great freebies to share in the mean time.

Free Carnation 3x4 Pocket/Journal Cards from Pretty Little Studio via The Pocket Source

I stumbled upon these beauties on PINTEREST!
Everything about them speaks to me! I love the color pallet, the vintage flower packets. and even the patterns. They are quite stunning, and you can bet I will be printing a few to use, as well as share!

And with the weekend coming up fast, as well as Father's day, I was so thrilled to stumble over this cute card. It will be perfect to make with the kids for their Daddy, and Poppa both! And with step-by-step instructions should be easy enough to get Ana to join in!

Hybrid Father's Day Cards

Besides this, the summer is already shaping up with plans already being made, and I should have loads of things to share. ;)
Stay inspired!

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