Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Time to Organize!- My 2015 Scraproom Mission!

I know that many of us crafters aren't the neatest most organised people... So that said, it's finally time for me!! I'm finally pretty well settled in my new house, and just made a trip to IKEA this past weekend to pick out some stuff. :D

My craft room is going to be a mix of furniture pieces I already have, some thrifting goodies,
as well as a few new pieces to assist with storage!

So since I'm vamping it up by organizing and arranging my space for functionality, I thought I'd take this challenge!!

Succes Banner.jpg
If you cick on the above picture, it will link you up, just add your email address in the bottom box, and you will soon receive your sign up email!!

The 1st Get Organized Challenge Class Starts TODAY!
Register on Livestream.com so you're ready to watch- click here. 

Personally, I want my space to be an actual statement of me, and how I feel about crafting,
not just one hodge-podge of junk and confusion which is the state it's currently in...
Wish me luck!! I'm off to finish painting!!

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