Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm back and managed to survive over driving 7078 kms in 13 days with my family of 5, averaging a whopping 6-ish hours of sleep per night! MAN AM I HAPPY TO BE HOME!

We made it to Las Vegas NV in 2 days, then spent 4 days there.
We spent time taking in some free attractions, went to see the
 wax museum,

and enjoying all they had to offer the CIRCUS CIRCUS HOTEL.

Then headed to my Mom's trailer in Apache Junction AZ for 4 days, spent time with family, investigated the area including spending the day at GOLDFEILD'S ghost town. The kids LOVED it!Goldfield Gunfighters Group_2011

And I even managed to sneak away for 3 hours for some shopping with my Mom. (As well as did a bit with the family, not much though with having all 3 kids.)

Then we headed to the "GRAND CANYON"! My oh my was it grand!

We actually ended up spending an extra night just so we could see it more, and man was that worth it!

Jase and I even went and investigated a cool Indian watch tower along the rim!
 Desert View Watchtower
He told me it was "like a dream come true!"

Then it took 2 more days and a last very horrible night in Havre, Montana, USA. (I feel sorry for anyone who calls that shit-hole town/ city their home). NOTE: NEVER STOP THERE, unless you like the smell of dead bodies in your hotel rooms. 4 different rooms, and 2 hotels later, all at 2 or 3 times the price of staying at the CIRCUS CIRCUS in Las Vegas, we just decided to sleep in our van.

That said I was SO happy to drop off my overly chatty step-son yesterday night and get my kids and hubby home to MY OWN HOUSE here in Saskatoon SK CANADA

Man do I ever need sleep, but there's still allot to do before Christmas including some birthdays to celebrate (2 nephews, a niece, and my own included). Plus there's still some last minute Christmas crafting and work to get to. Oh yeah and the laundry, LOL


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