Saturday, October 15, 2011


As you all know this is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.
BREAST CANCER, as well as several other forms of cancer have affected my family greatly, as well as the families of my friends. I lost my Nannie (my Mom's Mom), and my Grandma both to cancer. My Nannie in the end had multiple types of cancer, my Grandma had reoccurring BREAST CANCER which eventually ended up spreading else where in her body too. My Auntie also has had breast cancer, and so far is doing wonderfully. Knowing that your loved one has cancer is awful, especially the feeling of knowing that this disease is not curable. We can only hope that one day it may be.
One of my "Blogging" friends from "down under" in Australia has just lost her dear friend. Natasha is a new and VERY "PINTREST"-ING friend, I met her via PINTREST, stumbled into her blog, enjoyed myself greatly and have had some short and pleasant email conversations with her. She has a greatly  inspiring blog and has prompted me to write today's post. You can find her at her blog: 5 MINUTES JUST FOR ME.

As for PINTREST- well it's a wonderful site full of PINTREST-ING things to look at and read about and possibly make! I have a button on the side bar of my blog here, and will be doing an exclusively pink board as a way to SHOW MY SUPPORT of all the women out there with BREAST CANCER. Please feel free to check it out and sign up to follow me, and this lovely board, which is also my fav. color: THINK PINK!

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