Thursday, October 13, 2011


So last night after work, I ran to the post office with my stack of envelopes in hand. I was kind of shocked yesterday that I had so much that was in need of posting, YICKS!

I'm trying to fill in my need for getting stuff in the mail, and share with others some cool stuff!

That said I sent my mail off to all sorts of places: 1 to Albert, CANADA; 3 to the lovely USA, and one is going all the way down under to Australia!! It's so amazing to know that my "art" is traveling the world, and that I have many friends from all sorts of places!! And best yet it really only cost me $5.70 to post all 5 envelopes, not bad!!!

I would love to show you all what I've been making, but have to wait until most of them arrive to their respective new owners, and I receive mine in trade! I have been involving myself in all sorts of different exchanges, and as my trades roll in I promise to post!

My first trade was a Fall bottle exchange ( I didn't even think to take a photo), and next a Halloween mystery envelope (I do have a photo of what I sent for this one!) both are promising to be filled with art/ crafting supplies! It's a direct exchange, then you need to blog about it, and use some of the contents to make something. Sounds like a fun challenge!
Then I made a large lot of ATC's (artist trading cards) for trade; they were vintage '80's themed Halloween and then some other misc. themed ones, there was 20 in total! WOW!
And then I did a trade for a cool little Halloween ATC sized book, made with some different witchy/ spooky stuff including a handmade charm bookmark. (Silly me I didn't even photograph any of these, but will get some when my partners do!)
OH MY! I can't wait to see what these ladies send!!!! I sent these all out about 2 weeks ago, so they should arrive soon!
Oh and then last night I mailed: 3 more ATC's: One Halloween, one monster themed, and one Fall themed, as well as another mystery craft supply envelope, with random supplies of my choice. (These I do have photos of!)
I also sent off the 2 romance kit cards I made, and sincerely hope these are enjoyed as much as I liked making them! They were pictured here in my last post.

FYI: I found an awesome video tutorial for making a mini album (a style I've been wanting to do for a long time). I will be posting this, and my finished product on the kit release day, Oct. 20th, 2011

And I am signed up to do a few more trades, like a custom match box, and some more ATC's.
With the kids and all this making I'm OH SO BUSY!! But having fun!!

Now a question for my faithful readers, and maybe some new ones to:
What do you think about a Christmas card exchange?? If you would be interested please send me an email, or even just comment, so I know if this would be something that you would maybe like to join.

How it would work: You make and mail 1- 5 Christmas cards to me, include a self addressed stamped envelope, and then I trade your card(s) with ones someone else in the group made. I think it's a great way to get a leg up on the Christmas card season, and get some different looking cards! LET ME KNOW!!

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