Friday, October 21, 2011

Scrap N With Flair - October Kit REVEAL

Hello all, This post is going to be JAM PACKED as I've been super busy with scraping, crafting, and life in general!! As per my designing with  Scrap'n With Flair I have some new kit designs to show you!

This kit contained so much stuff, I seriously didn't even use half of it! Actually, I'm planning on doing more with it as I go through this month!! I just wanted to show off what I made from the October Scrap'n With Flair Kit

So, here it is:

The first thing I made was a scrapbook page, yes just one single page...
I was finding it sort of hard to do a wintery/ Christmas-ish theme project,
being it is only October.
Then my hubby reminded me we usually have snow already this time of year...
Hum,  maybe that's why I'm not in the spirit yet.

But once I finally dug into my kit this lovely page basically just created itself!!

Isn't this paper lovely, It has a built in glittery edging.
I added a simple bow, using this gold edged ribbon found in the kit, by using a punch to add a couple holes to tie it right threw the paper.

I added a few pearls from my personal stash to glam it up a bit.
Next I added this lovely gold trim, also from the kit, along the bottom edge.

Then lastly I added these sweet die cut deer, also from the kit.

I am still thinking of what photos I want to add to this, but think I will lay them out following the semi circle papers edge. I think 3 photos would fit great, with some journaling peeking between the music notes.
We'll see...

Next I decided to make a mini- album.
This lovely book is constructed using toilet paper rolls!
This is actually something I've been wanting to make for a long time,
just needed the chance to try it out.

I found a great video on how to make it here:
(The lady uses her project as a recycling inspiration)

All I did was pick 2 of the papers from my kit, went through and found some corrugated black paper which I inked blue, then some fibers/ ribbons in my stash, 

added a few other things from the kit such as the lovely dangley gem, a button and brads.
As well as some lovely letters I won from PRIMA a while back!!

Every page is made using a flattened toilet paper roll.
You then glue your paper choice to both sides of the roll to make it into a page. 

The edges of the roll are left open to then form a one sided pocket when you bind the other side to make the book.

Each pocket is then inserted with a tag.

These tags add extra room for adding journaling, or photos or both.
The edge of the tag is then given a ribbon to make it easily removable from the pockets!

Lastly, I fussy cut some Christmas gift tags into sticker embellishments
and added some FROSTED LACE STICKLES included in my kit to finish the look.

I added this rather large lovely gift tag to the back so I can personalize it.
I'm not sure yet if it will end up being a gift or something I decide to use myself.
Sometimes that's the hard thing about making things, they turn out so much nicer then you plan!

Lastly I made this goodie:  A pop up box!
I was totally inspired by one of my papers with tiny little snowmen on it!
(Maybe some were even snow-women, I don't know)
But they just seemed to me to have a life like joy, so I had to do just that, breathe some life into them.

Here's a close up of these lovely snow people enjoying my custom made snow!
( made from Cotton pads)

I found the box itself, as well as a few accessories to go with it at my local Dollarama,
including the beautiful bird sitting on top,
and the rhinestones I used to decorate the top and side.

The lovely crocheted doily, as well as the rose were included in the kit!

I used the FROSTED LACE STICKLES, that were in the kit,
as a paint on the outside of the box.
It added this awesome white shimmery sparkle effect,
you know the kind that looks like the glint on fresh snow.

The sides of the box, as well as the inside back,
were decorated with paper cutouts from the same page as the snowmen.

The back.

I had so much fun making is cute box!

It is just simply stunning in person,
as the pictures don't pick up even half of the shimmer.
This ones definitely a keeper, as my son has fallen for it, LOL

I hope you've all enjoyed what I made using my kit,
and I can't wait to show you more!!
TTFN, Elysia

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