Friday, October 21, 2011

Scrap N With Flair - October Kit REVEAL

Hello all, This post is going to be JAM PACKED as I've been super busy with scraping, crafting, and life in general!! As per my designing with  Scrap'n With Flair I have some new kit designs to show you!

This kit contained so much stuff, I seriously didn't even use half of it! Actually, I'm planning on doing more with it as I go through this month!! I just wanted to show off what I made from the October Scrap'n With Flair Kit

So, here it is:

The first thing I made was a scrapbook page, yes just one single page...
I was finding it sort of hard to do a wintery/ Christmas-ish theme project,
being it is only October.
Then my hubby reminded me we usually have snow already this time of year...
Hum,  maybe that's why I'm not in the spirit yet.

But once I finally dug into my kit this lovely page basically just created itself!!

Isn't this paper lovely, It has a built in glittery edging.
I added a simple bow, using this gold edged ribbon found in the kit, by using a punch to add a couple holes to tie it right threw the paper.

I added a few pearls from my personal stash to glam it up a bit.
Next I added this lovely gold trim, also from the kit, along the bottom edge.

Then lastly I added these sweet die cut deer, also from the kit.

I am still thinking of what photos I want to add to this, but think I will lay them out following the semi circle papers edge. I think 3 photos would fit great, with some journaling peeking between the music notes.
We'll see...

Next I decided to make a mini- album.
This lovely book is constructed using toilet paper rolls!
This is actually something I've been wanting to make for a long time,
just needed the chance to try it out.

I found a great video on how to make it here:
(The lady uses her project as a recycling inspiration)

All I did was pick 2 of the papers from my kit, went through and found some corrugated black paper which I inked blue, then some fibers/ ribbons in my stash, 

added a few other things from the kit such as the lovely dangley gem, a button and brads.
As well as some lovely letters I won from PRIMA a while back!!

Every page is made using a flattened toilet paper roll.
You then glue your paper choice to both sides of the roll to make it into a page. 

The edges of the roll are left open to then form a one sided pocket when you bind the other side to make the book.

Each pocket is then inserted with a tag.

These tags add extra room for adding journaling, or photos or both.
The edge of the tag is then given a ribbon to make it easily removable from the pockets!

Lastly, I fussy cut some Christmas gift tags into sticker embellishments
and added some FROSTED LACE STICKLES included in my kit to finish the look.

I added this rather large lovely gift tag to the back so I can personalize it.
I'm not sure yet if it will end up being a gift or something I decide to use myself.
Sometimes that's the hard thing about making things, they turn out so much nicer then you plan!

Lastly I made this goodie:  A pop up box!
I was totally inspired by one of my papers with tiny little snowmen on it!
(Maybe some were even snow-women, I don't know)
But they just seemed to me to have a life like joy, so I had to do just that, breathe some life into them.

Here's a close up of these lovely snow people enjoying my custom made snow!
( made from Cotton pads)

I found the box itself, as well as a few accessories to go with it at my local Dollarama,
including the beautiful bird sitting on top,
and the rhinestones I used to decorate the top and side.

The lovely crocheted doily, as well as the rose were included in the kit!

I used the FROSTED LACE STICKLES, that were in the kit,
as a paint on the outside of the box.
It added this awesome white shimmery sparkle effect,
you know the kind that looks like the glint on fresh snow.

The sides of the box, as well as the inside back,
were decorated with paper cutouts from the same page as the snowmen.

The back.

I had so much fun making is cute box!

It is just simply stunning in person,
as the pictures don't pick up even half of the shimmer.
This ones definitely a keeper, as my son has fallen for it, LOL

I hope you've all enjoyed what I made using my kit,
and I can't wait to show you more!!
TTFN, Elysia

Saturday, October 15, 2011


As you all know this is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.
BREAST CANCER, as well as several other forms of cancer have affected my family greatly, as well as the families of my friends. I lost my Nannie (my Mom's Mom), and my Grandma both to cancer. My Nannie in the end had multiple types of cancer, my Grandma had reoccurring BREAST CANCER which eventually ended up spreading else where in her body too. My Auntie also has had breast cancer, and so far is doing wonderfully. Knowing that your loved one has cancer is awful, especially the feeling of knowing that this disease is not curable. We can only hope that one day it may be.
One of my "Blogging" friends from "down under" in Australia has just lost her dear friend. Natasha is a new and VERY "PINTREST"-ING friend, I met her via PINTREST, stumbled into her blog, enjoyed myself greatly and have had some short and pleasant email conversations with her. She has a greatly  inspiring blog and has prompted me to write today's post. You can find her at her blog: 5 MINUTES JUST FOR ME.

As for PINTREST- well it's a wonderful site full of PINTREST-ING things to look at and read about and possibly make! I have a button on the side bar of my blog here, and will be doing an exclusively pink board as a way to SHOW MY SUPPORT of all the women out there with BREAST CANCER. Please feel free to check it out and sign up to follow me, and this lovely board, which is also my fav. color: THINK PINK!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


So last night after work, I ran to the post office with my stack of envelopes in hand. I was kind of shocked yesterday that I had so much that was in need of posting, YICKS!

I'm trying to fill in my need for getting stuff in the mail, and share with others some cool stuff!

That said I sent my mail off to all sorts of places: 1 to Albert, CANADA; 3 to the lovely USA, and one is going all the way down under to Australia!! It's so amazing to know that my "art" is traveling the world, and that I have many friends from all sorts of places!! And best yet it really only cost me $5.70 to post all 5 envelopes, not bad!!!

I would love to show you all what I've been making, but have to wait until most of them arrive to their respective new owners, and I receive mine in trade! I have been involving myself in all sorts of different exchanges, and as my trades roll in I promise to post!

My first trade was a Fall bottle exchange ( I didn't even think to take a photo), and next a Halloween mystery envelope (I do have a photo of what I sent for this one!) both are promising to be filled with art/ crafting supplies! It's a direct exchange, then you need to blog about it, and use some of the contents to make something. Sounds like a fun challenge!
Then I made a large lot of ATC's (artist trading cards) for trade; they were vintage '80's themed Halloween and then some other misc. themed ones, there was 20 in total! WOW!
And then I did a trade for a cool little Halloween ATC sized book, made with some different witchy/ spooky stuff including a handmade charm bookmark. (Silly me I didn't even photograph any of these, but will get some when my partners do!)
OH MY! I can't wait to see what these ladies send!!!! I sent these all out about 2 weeks ago, so they should arrive soon!
Oh and then last night I mailed: 3 more ATC's: One Halloween, one monster themed, and one Fall themed, as well as another mystery craft supply envelope, with random supplies of my choice. (These I do have photos of!)
I also sent off the 2 romance kit cards I made, and sincerely hope these are enjoyed as much as I liked making them! They were pictured here in my last post.

FYI: I found an awesome video tutorial for making a mini album (a style I've been wanting to do for a long time). I will be posting this, and my finished product on the kit release day, Oct. 20th, 2011

And I am signed up to do a few more trades, like a custom match box, and some more ATC's.
With the kids and all this making I'm OH SO BUSY!! But having fun!!

Now a question for my faithful readers, and maybe some new ones to:
What do you think about a Christmas card exchange?? If you would be interested please send me an email, or even just comment, so I know if this would be something that you would maybe like to join.

How it would work: You make and mail 1- 5 Christmas cards to me, include a self addressed stamped envelope, and then I trade your card(s) with ones someone else in the group made. I think it's a great way to get a leg up on the Christmas card season, and get some different looking cards! LET ME KNOW!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


As you all know I'm Canadian, and proud! That said it's our Thanksgiving this weekend, and it's been very busy at my house!! We made our turkey dinner early, on Saturday night, so (almost) all of my family could be here. (My Mom & her DH will be here next week.) My Dad and his lovely wife were heading out of town for a holiday on Sunday morning and I really wanted them here, so we did some rearranging to make it all happen. My sister was totally in on the surprise with me!!! YEAH!

My DH got the turkey dressed and on the go while I worked (what a great guy! ), but I came home to get everything set up, decorated and put the finishing touches on supper.
My sister and her family were wonderful! They brought over the potatoes and gravy, some veggies and a couple pies: pumpkin, and apple. My mother-in law also came over to join us and brought 2 homemade lemon  pies (YUM), and did so much cleaning up it was AWESOME!! What a collaboration!!
And I must say my Dad and Summer (Jing) were both surprised and honored to join us all!! The kids all played nicely and us grown ups had a good time visiting, and eating too much!! (you know how that goes) I think it was a success, and I'M SO THANKFUL FOR MY FAMILY!

All that said I've been in the Thanksgiving mood, both in my cooking, company and decorating!
I made a couple beauties I thought I would share!
I made a fab. wreath for my front door, costing me a whopping $3 to do!! EVEN BETTER!

Here it is:

I went to my local Dollarama store and found a great vine with the fall leaves and berries for $1.50.
I took the vine and twisted it around into a circle, then I took a bunch of different pine cones and acorns I had gathered in my local park and hot glued them on. (with about $0.50 worth of glue)
I also found this awesome bird,  at the Dollarama store for $1.00, and added him last!!

He's got a coppery glitter to him, Doesn't he look great!!! 

Now on a second trip to the Dollarama store, to get some fall napkins, I found a great matching pre-made mini-wreath for $2.00.
I saw it and instantly had an idea of how to use it to make a center piece for my table!

I took this large fish bowl/ vase I have, added in some decorative pumpkins I got at Superstore for $3.00.
I then added the mini wreath to the bottom, and voila! A center piece!
Total cost $5.00! And looks very fall-ish!
My family quite enjoyed my festive decor, and I may even let my DS dissect one of those little pumpkins for Halloween!

Now, with my fall mood in full swing today I headed on over to my fav. scrapbook/ crafting site & blog!

Now she's having a great fall-ish contest, which I've decided to enter! (I'm not allowed to win because I'm on her design team, as you all know) I really wanted to spark some interest and give my readers an idea of what they could do to join in!! It's actually pretty simple:
There are only 2 requirements.  :)   Make a layout, card, altered project that uses the following items:

1.  Corrigated Cardboard Your entire project doesn’t need to be made of this material just you a piece of it.  I have seen some FANTASTIC artwork created using corrigated cardboard.  There are endless things you can do to it to encorporate it into your project.  Rip it, tear it, distress it, paint it, white wash it, ink it, cover it, die cut it, you name it!!!  LOL 

2.  Use the colors orange and red.  I happen to absolutely love the fall colors so I thought why not incorporate them into a challenge….it is also fitting considering the fall season is apon us.

These are the only two requirement.  Told ya it was easy peasy.  :D  
And when your done snap some photos and email them over to:

Here's my entry:

I decided to use the guidelines to make a tag!

 I made the tag out of a piece of cardboard box, cut to shape, then inked it with Tim Holtz's Spiced marmalade, and Fired brick red. I added a large bow to the top made with orange satin ribbon, and glued on  2 large skeleton leaves I got from E bay. Next was the piece of orange card stock I had on hand, I inked the edges with brick red, then added a sticker quote and painted around it with Fired brick red distress crackle paint. Once that was dry, I added 2 stickers of unknown origin... I think possiably something someone gave me, they look pretty old, LOL.

What do you think?! Pretty simple way to win an awesome prize:

OH YEAH!!! SPEAKING OF PRIZES! I also finished  my 2 cards, the ones from my card give-away!
Here they are:

1st full card, the card apart with envelope.

2nd card, then card with envelope.

Both of these cards are my own handmade design, and are made from the Timeless Romance Kit. I did add in an extra flowered trim I had on hand (pictured on the 2nd card) from an unknown source.
These cards are much prettier in person; as it's very hard to photograph the shimmer effect in the Tattered Angels Glimmer mist!
I am heading out to the post office early tomorrow morning, after I take my son to school, to post them.
I can't wait for these ladies to receive them!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,
and I hope you've enjoyed what I've been up to!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1ST EVER BLOG ENTRY WINNER! ~ 2 scrapbooking pages

1ST EVER BLOG ENTRY WINNER! ~ 2 scrapbooking pages made with my October kit! 

I've done the random draw, we'll actually I decided I don't need a random draw! I'm not the type of person to pick between just two people so, I'm going to send cards out to both of the lovely ladies that bothered to enter my 1st ever give away!! YEAH!!
Just please send me an email ladies at: with your address so I can mail them out to you by the end of the week.

That said maybe I'll show you something else! OK, for sure I will!
Using my design team October kit I made several layouts, 2 single pages, and a 2 page layout (2 matching pages). For the 1st page I used this stamp from my at home stash:

This journaling stamp comes from Scrappy Cat.

 For my 1st page I used everything from in my kit, except that stamp.

  As you can see in this close up, I ripped the 2 background papers (using a fancy edged ruler) and pieced them together to form a duo patterned paper. The top paper you may recognize from the inside of my witch card, which was inked using Tim Holtz Fire Brick Distress ink.

All the lovely embellishments/ ephemera were included in my kit! This was by far my favorite page to make, and the easiest; I just saw them knew exactly how I wanted them to look!

Adding the title at the bottom of the page is something new to me, I'm trying hard to expand myself in my scrapbooking, by adding titles when I can think of one, as well as hand written journaling. I read somewhere that it's like giving your children and readers a window into that moment in time and your personal thoughts about that moment, and this glittery one is sure a goodie! I did a play on the word FORTUNE and the tarot card embellishments, by making it more so about my kids and the feelings I as a Mom have for them.
They definitely make me feel FORTUNATE!

Now this is my second page!!
I had allot of fun making it, it was definitely harder to come up with this idea.
I wanted to show I can use just as much stuff on one page as some of my other scrappers out there, without the   theme overwhelming my photos.

 This adorable stamp was included in my kit! YEAH!

So I broke out my supplies,
And again I decided to try something with it that I've never done before.
I used my stamp with embossing ink, and then pored over 2 different colors of embossing powders, from Tim Holtz, peeled paint (green) and spiced marmalade.
I then heat set it with my heat gun, and rubbed it to release the distress crystals.

Lastly I inked the edges, and added some hand written journaling. 

I then framed my photos with some purple paper I had on hand, ripping the edges to add a different effect.

The lovely green rose ribbon was included in the kit, as well as all the other embellishments.

What a lovely wooden fence!

Last I added the other half of my clock used on a previous tag with one of my on hand brads, and a downloaded so sweet sticker I found via Google.

And that' was my sweet girls page! She quite enjoyed that first ever taste of candy, and I'm still enjoying how lovely this page has turned out!

Stay tuned for the 2 page layout I will try to post it tomorrow!

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