Sunday, April 29, 2012

Altered photo books- My NEW ATC Holders

So I took a little trip to my local thrift store, well one of very few here in Saskatoon,
and found these 2 little photo books

 I thought they would be perfect to alter, and turn into ATC holders!

 What a steal!

So, I started with my new favorite paper

 And cut it to fit the cover size, front and back on both books,
then glued them in place!
On my first book I added a bit of the teal ribbon included in the kit!
 Then accented it with this cute star button (included in the kit)
laced with some embroidery floss I had on hand.

 Next I picked out a few accents from the other awesome pages!
I picked the pink vintage photo tag from this page.

 From this great punch out sheet, also from the kit!

I also wanted to use some of these great stamp shapes to accent it all! 

I also wanted to use these, 
but they needed a little "SOME- something"

 and I figured a little Lindy Stamp Gang spray would do the trick! 

 So with some spray and a bit of dabbing, here's how they turned out!!

 Here's the things I collected to use for the front of the first photo book.

 Next I arranged them and glued them in place.

 Then I used these lovely letters and words, found in this months kit,

 to label my book.

 I then used a fine tip pen to add an appostrephy,

 like this.

Next I used some Glossy Accents to accent these staples,

and the keys on the tiny stamp.

 Here's a close up of the finished cover

And here's the first finished book cover!

Ana was trying to help out every chance she got!
(I'm so glad she's finally feeling better.)

For my second book,
I picked the large floral frame from this chip board sheet, and added some of the letters and wording to that!

I also added my misted button, complete with embroidery floss bow, and another cut out stamp.

Next, I added some of this cute ribbon, also included in the kit.
and a little word also from the chip board sheet.

And here's how it turned out!

I love my new books, and have filled them full of the ATC's I've had sent to me, that way I can easily be inspired by them!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at them too!


  1. The books look great Elysia!!!! I can`t believe how big Anna is getting..... :)

  2. These are gorgeous Elysia! What a wonderful idea! Your little Ana is so adorable :) Thanks for sharing!


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