Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Excitement!

I hope everyone had a great Easter long weekend with their families, and friends.
I know I sure did! I feel so blessed!

WOW!! I'm so glad it's Monday!
On that note, I'd like to share a sweet tag that I made for April's tag of the month trade, on Tee's

I started with some items from my April kit

 and the face of a card someone sent me.
I trimmed the card front using a pair of fancy edged scissors
Then added it to the rest of my supplies.

  I cut a piece of paper from the kit, to my needed tag dimentions.
 added a small piece of trim, also from the kit, along the right side

 Then covered the edge of the trim with my card piece.

 threaded the stem of the rose through the back of the button.

and pulled it up through the front.

 Then I proceeded to thread it back into the next button hole towards the back.

 I pushed it through the hole

 and pulled it flush,
 then trimmed the excess stem.

Next I wanted to use the Lindy Stamp Gang's Starburst Spray
To color this little canvas greeting found in the kit!

I picked the:

A beautiful coral, (that perfect mix of pink, peach, orange and tan) with a subtle pinkish shimmer.

Deep, rich, vibrant colors with a two-toned shimmer!  These are all dye based products, which give them that vibrancy and can be used on any porous surface, (paper, wood, fabric, balsa, chipboard, etc).

Instructions On How To Use

1.  Remove the spray top from your bottle of Starburst Spray.
2.  Gently pull the tube from the spray top and tap all of the excess powder from the tube into the bottle and then replace the tube.
3.  Add HOT water 1/2 way up the bottle
4.  Stir with a stick and let sit at least 10 minutes
5.  Fill to the "fill" line with hot water and shake.
6.  Shake before each use to release the mica powders from the bottom of the bottle. 

So, all that done, I placed my little canvas piece on a piece of scrap paper
 held my spray at a slight angle, and sprayed!

 and sprayed, 

 and sprayed till it was covered.

 Then I dabbed it with a paper towel to remove the excess.

 And here's how it turned out! HELLO color!

 Next I took this small chipboard piece from my kit, and using a pencil wrote out my sentiment
 then I went over it using a pen.

 Lastly I used a paper towel to remove the extra ink,

 And this was my final look!

 Mean while Jase was in crafting mode beside me.

 He made this adorable Easter bunny play house.

and an Easter egg too!

And here's my finished tag!
I hope my partner enjoys it and the goodies I sent, as much as I did making it!
I've also entered this tag in the challenge: "From the Past".
I would LOVE to win!

I spent Friday working, and then went to my sister-in-laws for a great supper with their family.
Good food coupled with an Easter egg hunt for the kids, how fun!

My hubby, the kids, and I attended a local Antique car show (an annual event) on Saturday.

Scott (and Lane) even ran into an old friend's Mom & Dad!

(Ana feel in LOVE with the animated cat on the front of this car)

Then we headed home to tidy up the house, I put on the ham, and we entertained!!
I truly love having company, and this weekends was a total delight!
(and I'm not even stretching the truth!)

My sister and her 2 sons, my Dad and his wife,
and our whole family of 5, as well as my Mother-in-law were here!
The kids ALL played wonderfully together! There were no time outs or temper fits, which was amazing.
And our potluck supper was awesome!
I seriously can't wait to do it again!!

Then Sunday we watched the kids delight in their Easter treats.
Jase with his new Spider man car.

Doesn't Ana look thrilled, LOL
Actually she was, especially with the playdoh.

I made a great breakfast, then we decided to do a little appliance upgrading...
a little, HA!
We went a got a new TV, and stand... which took all day to buy (6 stores later), and all evening to assemble. (I even had to take a break to put the kids to bed!)

WOW! What a grand TV it is!
47 inches of brain rotting/ eye popping pleasure, LOL
I just hope this one lasts at least half as long as our old TV has (14+ years).
It was a seriously late night last night, and a very grand long weekend!

I hope your weekend was just as delightful and exciting as mine!

And keep watching for our next swap, I'll be announcing it TOMORROW!!!

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