Monday, August 29, 2011


So, it seems like almost everyone I know is starting to blog!! All sorts of friends writing about things they wanna share with the world, ME TOO PLEASE!!
So, I've decided I'm going to blog about blogs!!
Once a week I'm going to POST the LINK to my good friends and family members bogs, as well as some cool other blogs I've found as of late!
1st I'd like to say if you are eager and can't wait to know what I've been looking at and who I find interesting in the world of blogging feel free to dip into my BLOGGING BRAIN and check out who it is exactly I follow. Trust me, if I saw it and it was not something I really want to see regularly I wouldn't follow it. That said lets get BLOGGITY, BLOG, BLOGGING!!

The first person I know, that actually came out and said that she had a blog,
was my wonderful cousin-in-law Aylx!

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She and my cousin suffered a horrible accident a couple years back. Aylx has a permanent brain injury because of that. Since then she has made major changes to her life, including becoming a vegan, and is doing fabulously well! I'm super proud of her and how passionate she is about the gift of life and bettering it through compassion and vegan-ism. Here's the link to her  BLOG:

We may not live close enough, but I truly am happy to say she is a strong and wonderful woman with great determination! I LOVE YOU, AYLX! Keep BLOGGIN"!

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