Thursday, August 25, 2011

Digitally Goofing off!

So for those who know me know that this last week involved a tragic death in my husbands family. This has prompted me into thinking about my own relationships with my family, sister and cousins. With a heavy heart I've turned to something both that I find relaxing, and that has newly sparked my interest:
Digital Scrapbooking.

I have been a scrapbooker for years and over this last year I've been slowly rekindled that love. Of course this is subject to me having the spare time to gather the things I need, find/ print photo's, and all the while keep my darling daughter out of it all. HARD!! And usually results in 1 thing: frustration.

Now, being at home during the days gives me some spare time usually to check out FACEBOOK, and GOOGLE, and millions of other randomness such as PINTREST which usually twirls me around to other peoples blogs. With all this happening I seem to end up reading something interesting about: digital scrapbooking!!

So, why not try it out... I mean REALLY try to give it a shot. I started out by looking for free digital scrapbooking kits, including papers and all sorts of embellishments. Then just opened the PrintMaster Platinum program I've had for years and started playing around. I figured out if I open an item in my photo viewer, or even something online and just copy and paste it, it can go into my program, onto my virtual scrapbook page! WOW, I thought, this makes things easier. If I don't like something I can crop, or delete it totally. I can even find some cute ready matched kits, page templates for ideas, or even finished pages to add photos to ( if I wanted to be lazy or needed something done FAST).

I've been goofing around with endless amount of posiabilities. So, now for what I did:
I went into my PrintMaster program, opened a 12x 12 page, added a background, which came striped
and with a curved boarder and flowers already added. I found it at:  She has a great blog with loads of free cute stuff!
I then added the movie ticket and bow embellishments. The mats were next, then I cropped and added the adorable photos of my daughter, Ana (in pink), and niece Ayla  (in brown, both photos were taken the same day). Of course, I just had to adorn these two sweet girls with printed angel wings. I tinted the wings so they turned different colors then the black they came. I lastly changed the color on the separate letter font to black & white, and added them singly to spell out cousin.
 I can't remember where they all individually came from, if I do I will defiantly credit them too.


My little pink girl, Ana and her sweet cousin Ayla.

So... how did I do? This one of my very first tries & I hope you like it!

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