Friday, August 5, 2011


Ok, so I've decided to give in to the urge of blogging! So lets talk about ME!

Me as a person: I'm a great rambler, kid and husband take carer-er (if there is any such word, LOL), and crafty girl. I'm super friendly, a bit bossy, and generally fun... well mostly.

My current situation: I find myself at home with my son and daughter during the days right now, and trying to start my own cleaning business on the side. I'm married, but mostly in love with SCRAPBOOKING!

My goal:  To share what I know and make with the world.

My hubby asks allot, "and what is that for?" about my craftiness, but hey who would expect a guy to know, LOL Maybe you can help me find my words to better explain it to him, or maybe you can just confirm my thought about how neat it indeed is!

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