Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LOADS of stuff to finish!

Having the flu SUCKS! But having the flu with 2 little ones sucks worse! And what's worse then that: when your sick and have LOADS of stuff to finish!

I've been having fun working on some awesome projects with my premier kit from Scrap'n with Flair!! Both of my young kids have been trying to help by sorting the elements, and telling me how wonderful I'm doing; Oh yeah and Ana by eatting my Marta Steward inks! YUCK! I will post a photo later, she looked so funny!!
Feel free to stop by: and check out the lovely ladies I've joined on Leanne's great team! As well as make sure stop by the product site to see the great new products, and her fab. sale items!

Also I'm trying to get together a ton of stuff that's been hanging around here to long, especially baby/ kids stuff for the Out Grow Out Play sale going on this weekend! I KNEW I HAD SOMETHING ELSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!! Whew! Please check out their site for more info. as to where and when the sale is, and if you sign up please let them know I sent you!!
( Elysia Lebedoff)

I Just hope by tomorrow I will start feeling better!! Is it nap time yet!?!

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