Sunday, September 25, 2011

sCRAP'N WITH fLAIR DT~ HALLOWEEN KIT 1ST Project~ with more 2 come

So as you all know I started designing for Scrap'n with Flair last month! And what a great HALLOWEEN kit I got to make some things with. It all started like this:
Ana thought she hit the jackpot!!!
And so did I, what a great variety of papers and embellishments were included!
I seriously couldn't wait till Ana' nap time so I could actually play!
THERE ARE ONLY A FEW KITS LEFT!! Please don't get left out!

I became inspired by this wonderful paper... then went off to the dark side!
This was a page with 4 squares of the different caricatures from The Wizard of Oz.

I decided NOT to use Dorthy, but was rather more inspired by the witch!!
(This is a Halloween project remember)
Look at her, in all her glory!! 

I decided first that I wanted to do an extra effect on the Postage type symbol in the middle, so I broke out my "Rock Candy" Clear crackle paint from Tim Holtz (LOVE IT!!)

I took out the big brush, and used a tiny one of my own since it was such a small area.

And after about 10 min's drying time here's how it looks!

I decided it still needed a little extra help, so I added some color to the cracks by dipping my brush onto the top of the dabber style Distress Stain by Tim Holtz in Wild Honey!

I then took my Glossy Accents and went over the word "WICKED" giving it this awesome 3D effect!

How cool is that?
I love the effect! It was well worth the extra effort to stay on the lines!

Do you think I was done?!
No, of course not, this is me we're talking about here!

I then decided I needed to add a little something else...
Well, why not use a button embellishment included in my kit, add it to some ribbon I had on hand, and voila!
A cute bow button to add to the top corner!!

And this is how it turned out!!!

Now the inside, that was a whole other story! I decided I wanted to make an old school Pop- Up witch!
(If you want to know how I made it step by step, please feel free to email me.)
That said, how about I just show you the finished inside to this lovely card instead?!


Now seriously isn't she wonderful!!
The back ground paper was found in my kit, I picked it because of the pre-distressed look, and I thought the stripe would help make the witch and poem I picked POP!

My lovely peom was found via Google web search and came up from Hallozing's Drive-In of the DEAD Blog and is entitled:
Jack O' Lantern Village by Marguerite Gode
I printed it out, and ripped in in half to fit the card size!

My lovely witch is fully handmade using construction paper, and I added some mesh I got in my kit for a smokey effect coming from her cauldron!

I was having SOOOOO much fun with this card I didn't want to be done!

So, I added a little witch tag (I also got with the kit) and my last piece of matching ribbon to the card's back just to finish it all of!

Hope you enjoyed my post, and PLEASE follow along with my blog as I am going to be adding the rest of my finished project photos, as well as a few more how to's within this week!
Like I said: "I've been busy!"

What a "WICKED"- ly good time!!!

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