Friday, September 30, 2011

Oct. 1st ~ World Card Making Day + Give away!

 So, I figured with it being WORLD CARD MAKING DAY, I would show you all the finished cards I've made lately! I had so much fun using my Tattered Angels Timeless Romance Kit!


This lovely kit has a lot of wonderful stuff including: envelopes, card stock, printed papers, tags, mini call cards, three shades of Glimmer Mist and the Glimmer Screen, ribbons, and rhinestone embellishments. I really think it is a great value for $30.00.

 I made all 5 cards and 2 envelopes that were featured in the step-by-step instructions that was included in the kit, and 1 card and envelope of my own. And better yet, there still is allot of product left over. I'd say I have at least enough to make another 6- 10 cards, about half of the 1 oz. mini spray bottles of glimmer mist is left, and half the rhinestones as well. The only thing I am out of is the thin brown string they refer to as twine, which is not a big deal! Also, I personally didn't own any glimmer mists until I got this kit, so this definitely was a great way to get to try them out!

Now due to some difficulties with my camera (resolved now), I don't have any step-by-step pictures for you this time, but if you buy this kit it has a printed copy of how to do them all! The only other thing I have to say is make sure to get out some old newspaper to spray over, or better yet try out this cool Color Catcher. It's great for keeping the over spray off your furniture or other items!!

Now onto what I made:

The 2 envelopes:

And the cards:

What great designs!

Now, here's my own personal card design. I made it, using stuff from the kit:

Close ups of the front of card design

and the envelope

Like I said they were fun to make, although a bit messy and did involve some fussy cutting. (Which I like anyways)
I did need to use a few things that were called for in the instructions but weren't included in the kit:
scissors, glue, brown and black ink, red sparkle stickles, crape (tissue) paper, a heart shaped punch, and a stapler. So, this is something to keep in mind if you want your cards to be exactly the same!

Hope you had fun seeing my cards, and this kit has made the rest of them appear on my "To Do List"!

Now about the give away: I've decided to make a custom card for one of my lucky followers using the stuff from this kit!! I know I'm a long way from 50 followers, but I want to give something away!

You can enter by leaving a comment below, become a NEW FOLLOWER/ and or linking to my blog/ posting about it gets you a second and third entry (with entering referrals)!!
I will be making the draw on October 1st at midnight, and will make sure to blog the winner, so becoming  a follower will ensure you don't miss out!

What kind of cards will you be crafting for World Card Making Day?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sCRAP'N WITH fLAIR DT~ HALLOWEEN KIT 2ND Project~ with more 2 come

Once again delays, delays! Instead of apologizing again I'm just going to show off the lovely tags I made with my Scrap'n with Flair Halloween Kit! There are only 2 kits left so get them if you can!

My 1st tag was discovered in my kit and then pre-loved by Ana, as you saw at the beginning of my last post, so I decided to try something different with it. For those who know me, you should know I don't own any cutting or embossing machines, so I FAKED IT!! Well, I think I better then faked it with this beauty!

I took and hand bent the pattern of a spider's web into the tag, starting with the long lines going from one corner to the other end of the tag. 
I then added the in between bends to connect them together, they were a bit trickier to do. 

 Next I took my Tim Holtz ink in Spiced Marmalade, and inked over the whole tag, making sure to go over my creased web design.

Then I took this lovely clock die-cut I received with my kit, and cut it to fit. Then added the clock arms, (not pictured) attaching them with a lovely pearl brad that was also included in the kit!

Then as you can see I embellished it a little farther adding a long piece of ribbon tooling ( also included in the kit ), creating a bow at the top and allowing it to flow over the rest of my tag sort of like a veil.

I think this is my favorite tag EVER!!

Ok, now on to my recycled item tag! 

I started by adding a tiny bit of adhesive to the back of my house so it would temp. hold onto my tag, just enough so it wouldn't wiggle while I inked.

Then using a variety of inks I started inking!!! And then inking, and then inking some more, and here's what happened!

 Then I pulled of the house, and inked it too (Tim Holtz Walnut Stain), so it would be more 1 color.

Then I took my recycled item, an empty candy wrapper, and had some fun!

 Crinkle, crinkle!


 Traced a circle shape with a sharp pen, ripped it out!

 Removed the back paper layer.

 And glued my candy wrapper moon and the house back onto the tag!

I then added a few embellishments found in the kit, a sign and a leaf.
And this is what I turned out like:

Oh what a hauntingly good time I had making these lovely tags!!!
Can't wait to show you the rest!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sCRAP'N WITH fLAIR DT~ HALLOWEEN KIT 1ST Project~ with more 2 come

So as you all know I started designing for Scrap'n with Flair last month! And what a great HALLOWEEN kit I got to make some things with. It all started like this:
Ana thought she hit the jackpot!!!
And so did I, what a great variety of papers and embellishments were included!
I seriously couldn't wait till Ana' nap time so I could actually play!
THERE ARE ONLY A FEW KITS LEFT!! Please don't get left out!

I became inspired by this wonderful paper... then went off to the dark side!
This was a page with 4 squares of the different caricatures from The Wizard of Oz.

I decided NOT to use Dorthy, but was rather more inspired by the witch!!
(This is a Halloween project remember)
Look at her, in all her glory!! 

I decided first that I wanted to do an extra effect on the Postage type symbol in the middle, so I broke out my "Rock Candy" Clear crackle paint from Tim Holtz (LOVE IT!!)

I took out the big brush, and used a tiny one of my own since it was such a small area.

And after about 10 min's drying time here's how it looks!

I decided it still needed a little extra help, so I added some color to the cracks by dipping my brush onto the top of the dabber style Distress Stain by Tim Holtz in Wild Honey!

I then took my Glossy Accents and went over the word "WICKED" giving it this awesome 3D effect!

How cool is that?
I love the effect! It was well worth the extra effort to stay on the lines!

Do you think I was done?!
No, of course not, this is me we're talking about here!

I then decided I needed to add a little something else...
Well, why not use a button embellishment included in my kit, add it to some ribbon I had on hand, and voila!
A cute bow button to add to the top corner!!

And this is how it turned out!!!

Now the inside, that was a whole other story! I decided I wanted to make an old school Pop- Up witch!
(If you want to know how I made it step by step, please feel free to email me.)
That said, how about I just show you the finished inside to this lovely card instead?!


Now seriously isn't she wonderful!!
The back ground paper was found in my kit, I picked it because of the pre-distressed look, and I thought the stripe would help make the witch and poem I picked POP!

My lovely peom was found via Google web search and came up from Hallozing's Drive-In of the DEAD Blog and is entitled:
Jack O' Lantern Village by Marguerite Gode
I printed it out, and ripped in in half to fit the card size!

My lovely witch is fully handmade using construction paper, and I added some mesh I got in my kit for a smokey effect coming from her cauldron!

I was having SOOOOO much fun with this card I didn't want to be done!

So, I added a little witch tag (I also got with the kit) and my last piece of matching ribbon to the card's back just to finish it all of!

Hope you enjoyed my post, and PLEASE follow along with my blog as I am going to be adding the rest of my finished project photos, as well as a few more how to's within this week!
Like I said: "I've been busy!"

What a "WICKED"- ly good time!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


OK so I had a great meeting today with the design team! We played show and tell with our awesome stuff made from the up and coming kits for October! I PROMISE I will post photos and some how to's after the full reveal on the Scrap'n blog!
I also have a little side project Leanne has entrusted me with! YEAH! So I started on that tonight! So much fun!! I get to try out this lovely kit!!


FYI: It comes with a great how to list to use with all these awesome products!! FOR ONLY $30.00

I will be following along to show you up close and personal how to make these lovely cards!!
PLUS: I think I will have some left over product to make a few of my own original cards too!! BONUS!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I was strolling along on Facebook, and came across this great message from the people at
They have gotten together a great supply list to help you gather the most important stuff to take with you to your next crop, or with you when you head out to a friends house even!!
The ladies on my Scrap'n with Flair design team are attending 2 different crops this weekend... I ( unfortunately) will be scraping at home with my kids! Wish I could be joining the ladies, but I will be posting a few tutorials for some of my newly made projects instead!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ok so the OCTOBER DESIGN TEAM sneak peak is out!!
Head on over to: to see a glimpse into what we've created!
The first one to post a congrates (BESIDES MY SCRAPING MATES) will win a Halloween prize!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


So, I think that this flu thing is finally on it's way out! I can tell you one thing, will be breaking out the Lysol to make sure we don't get it back!

Today I need to make a run to the store to get some pins to tag all my items I've pulled out for that sale this weekend! If you need anything make sure you stop in. They will have pretty much anything you can think of for your family, especially the little ones.

ALSO, I have found some great inspiration today in a few sites:
Get it scrapped is a new site I stumbled upon, they have a great new way to look at adding accents normally used with digital scrapping into your paper layouts! I have already done some of these things on my own, but the additional ideas are GREAT!!
The other thing is this HOT giveaway from BASIC GREY! They have just came out with their NEW WINTER  LINE of paper and embellishments, and are giving some away!! MAN WOULD I LOVE TO WIN! So cool, it's HOT!!!
All this stuff is getting me juiced up to do some making... Maybe I'll do just that!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

LOADS of stuff to finish!

Having the flu SUCKS! But having the flu with 2 little ones sucks worse! And what's worse then that: when your sick and have LOADS of stuff to finish!

I've been having fun working on some awesome projects with my premier kit from Scrap'n with Flair!! Both of my young kids have been trying to help by sorting the elements, and telling me how wonderful I'm doing; Oh yeah and Ana by eatting my Marta Steward inks! YUCK! I will post a photo later, she looked so funny!!
Feel free to stop by: and check out the lovely ladies I've joined on Leanne's great team! As well as make sure stop by the product site to see the great new products, and her fab. sale items!

Also I'm trying to get together a ton of stuff that's been hanging around here to long, especially baby/ kids stuff for the Out Grow Out Play sale going on this weekend! I KNEW I HAD SOMETHING ELSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING!! Whew! Please check out their site for more info. as to where and when the sale is, and if you sign up please let them know I sent you!!
( Elysia Lebedoff)

I Just hope by tomorrow I will start feeling better!! Is it nap time yet!?!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Good morning everyone! Sorry for the delay of this post, it was supposed to be posted yesterday.
My BIG announcement:

I've been selected to be one of the 4 on Scrapn With Flair's first ever design team!

I will receive an exclusive kit once a month full of goodies such as: 12 x 12 (scrapbooking sized) papers, and embellishments such as:  ribbons, chipboard elements, flowers, rhinestones/ pearls for bling, brads, and much more!

Once we release the kits sneak peak on the 15th of every month @ Scrap'n with Flair Blog, I will post one my personal project sneak peak then as well.
The full kit pictures will be released on the 20th of the month, showcasing the wonderful projects myself and the rest of our team comes up with!! This is when these beautiful kits will be able through the Scrapn With Flair website. Where we have all sorts of awesome scrapbooking/ crafting supplies at FABULOUS PRICES!

I'm so excited to be able to create some projects with this beautiful kit I picked up yesterday! Trust me when you see it, you will be just as excited as I am!!  I've already went through it all, paired up some pieces, and done some planning!

I'm thinking I'm going to make: a least 1 scrapbook page layout, a card or tag, and an altered junk item! I just scrounged my base for that this morning!! Maybe when my girl naps, since my boy is at school full days in Kindergarten now, I'll be able to do more!

I've also decide I will post one step-by-step photo guide of how to make 1 of the projects I made, on the 21st of every month!

Make sure you keep up to date by signing up for the Scrapn With Flair NEWSLETTER, AS WELL AS FOLLOWING THEIR BLOG, AND MINE TOO!
I'll be giving away one of these beautiful projects, when I reach 50 followers!!

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