Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolution!

I'm  going to tell you I'm really not the kind of person to do a new years resolutions, but this year is different.
I'm going to be making allot of changes both personally and in the work you see appearing here on my blog.
2012 new year wallpapers
That said here's the list of my "New Years resolutions" to you my blog readers:

  • You will be seeing me blogging a minimum of at least 1 time per week, I hope you all can handle that. I've decided in order for you truly to see the millions of things that happen in my world and all the things I do I need to post MORE!! ALLOT MORE then I have been.
  • That said, the length of my posts will generally be allot shorter, and hopefully a little easier to digest. More like show and tell, less like trying to cram in a ton of things into 1 long rambling post.
  • I will be taking MORE photos of the goodies I make daily for swaps, as well as ongoing with my SCRAP'N WITH FLAIR kits. I've been telling you I swap/ MAKE all sorts of things, but have only been showing a small portion of what I've been getting and hardly ever what I made to swap... that doesn't really seem right, since you all come here to see me and what I've been doing.
  • My blog posts will also be containing ME! I am going to do my best to add in a snippet per week about: what I've been looking at on the web, what and who I've been inspired by, what new things I like, as well as links to where else I've been posting. I think all these things are important for you to know, so you can know me better and see where my brain is at!
  • I also will be going back to my original idea of BLOGGITY-BLOG BLOGGING once per month and will be combining that with the above promise, and sometimes just blogging about someone just because.
  • Also monthly will be the SCRAP'N WITH FLAIR kit release posting, but I also will be featuring some of the kit elements into my swapping! Keep your eyes open for this one starting on FEBRUARY 1st!!
  • I will be going through my site for the next little while on a daily basis to get it looking and functioning the way I want. Many of my friends have been redoing their blogs to better reflect themselves, and I think that's a great idea. 
  • I also will be making site folders for the stuff I've made by classifications. Kit designs, as well as thrift/ dollar store crafts, ect. That way it's easier for referencing stuff in the future for us all!!
  • LINKS AND LINK PARTIES:  I have a few sidebar links to places I have posted at already, but will be linking direct to:  SCRAP'N WITH FLAIR WITH THE ADDITION OF MY DESIGN TEAM BUTTON ( can't wait for that), and a link to all of the design team ladies blogs so you can see what they are up to as well. I also will be linking to Tee's Altered Paper blog so you can join me in swapping there, as I have made a YEAR LONG COMMITMENT to swapping all her site swaps!! WOW< I KNOW!
All that said, I'm going to do my very best to be a little more of a Mrs. this year and put up with a little less MISCHIEVOUSNESS from my kids and hubby. Oh yes, they WILL BE helping out around the house more, and we'll all be doing more crafting and cooking together then in the past year.


May it be full of fun, luck and most of all CRAFTY GOODNESS!!

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