Monday, January 16, 2012

Stuff I've been doing

The last few weeks have been filled with MAKING!!
I've been doing several swaps over at Tee's Altered Paper Blog, as well as on Swap-bot.

To be honest I'd rather swap via Tee's site, or my own for that matter, as the quality is sometimes lacking through Swap-bot. I don't think it's any one persons fault, I just think some of us have higher standards then others... That said here's a few photos of things I've sent!
(I'll have to do another post later with what I got in trade.)

I made this darling little Christmas ATC for a KAWAII swap on SWAP-Bot
*Kawaii - means cute in Japanese.
It is something new to me, but seriously I think I've always loved it!

Pinned Image
It includes cute things with little smiley or mad faces, I've really fallen for the "food items"

I entered a game on Swap-bot via one of the group I'm in. This is what "Mail type items" I sent her:
Cute envelope I sent it all in.

Sweet address tags for my partner

 Memo sheets and handmade envelopes

x 2 different kinds

Cute postcard on the left, and the right one is a magnet.

more handmade magnets to match the postcard.

 Mini bookmarks

 And a little note too!

 I also sent out my "WINTER" themed tag of the month for Tee's Altered Paper TAG SWAP

I used:
Vintage white lace, ribbon with snowman print, some tinsel-ish ribbon 

to hold on a dangley snow flake,  2 tiny bells and a star to the top.

On bottom I used Frosted Lace Stickles on the left snowman, to give him a little sparkle. I then added a silver printed ribbon to make the right snowman's scarf,  and Liquid Pearls in white Opal on his snow body. Lastly I added some tinseled  pom-poms. It really gave this vintage 80's paper a special wintery pick me up!

 Here's the extra goodies I sent along!
I really hope my partner enjoys her new tag, and goodies.

And my last thing to show today:
My Vintage ATC also for Tee's Altered Paper.

I actually started making this ATC a long time ago, but ended up adding to it!
The lovely vintage lace was sent to me by one of the ladies I traded an ATC with.
(Man I wish I had more)

The 3 vintage embroidery rose bouquets were in a bunch of embroidery patches I bought years ago.
I  came across them while tidying up the other day,
then remembered them when thinking this needed a bit something else.

I added some Glossy Accents to highlight on her bonnet and dress...
I think it turned out perfect, and honestly didn't want to send this little sweetie off to someone else...

 I really hope Karen takes good care of her, and can't wait to get what she sends me!

Oh, and I hope she likes her goodies too!

I didn't know anything about sending goodies with my trades until I traded with some really fab. ladies in the beginning! It really is wonderful getting a little something extra, even if it's just a snippet of this or that! I seriously have fun sending my extras!

That said look at what I found:
Really cool Christmas wrapping tape!
It came wide like the below one, but can easily be cut smaller if you take the time.
COST: $0.70 each on SALE!!!

The Japanese printed tapes are called Washi Tape, and are quite a bit similar, and way thinner.
They are quite trendy both in crafting and scrapbooking.
I look forward to using these cool tapes for a long time to come!!

TTFN~ Elysia

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