Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So much mail such little time!

So much mail such little time! 
This is a long but great post, so please hang in there!!

The weather here was a whopping -50+ degrees Celsius last week, so I kept my son home with me.
Personally, I think if the school buses don't run that my van shouldn't have to run him to school either :P

That said I was very busy with him and my non-napping girl all this past week!
(She's decided now that she's 2:
she's too busy for napping)
I don't even know how I managed to get anything at all done, let alone assign the swapping partners for my VERY SUCCESSFUL 1st ever ribbon swap!
THANKS AGAIN to all the LADIES that joined including the awesome bunch from the Scrapin' with Flair design team!!!

Thankfully the insane Mail lady decided that she would still bring me my goodies, or better yet Canada Post still delivers in sub-zero temp.s, LOL!  YEAH FOR HER!!
I swear she probably wonders what is going on with the strangely shaped and brightly decorated envelopes that make it to my door! (OH LET HER WONDER!)

Here's some of my wonderful goodies from the last 2 weeks!
 I got this ROCKIN' package from Tee over at the Altered Paper!
I discovered that we both have birthdays in the beginning of December, so I told her we should do a birthday package exchange!
What a great idea that turned out to be!
Sorry for the sideways letter, but it was great!

 What a BIG dress form (I sent her a tiny one, LOL)
 I think this lady needs a birthday party dress!

 Birthday card and WHOLE PAD OF PAPER!!

 Ummm... what can be hiding in here?

 Cool necklace, in MY COLORS!

 Sweet ATC Tee made just for me, and some great foam valentine's heart stickers
 Beautiful handmade tag!
 Some foam hearts with arrows, and roses, and an AWESOME STAMP!
(can't wait to use these!)

 Beautiful handmade mini notebook & tag

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, a wonderful Post-It note holder!
This little beauty is sitting beside me as I type. Thanks again Tee,
I can't believe how great of a swap we had!
Check out what I sent Tee on her personal blog:

Next I got this BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE ATC from Karen over at 

 What a darling card!

 and a FABULOUS set of goodies she sent along with it!

Next I did a swap for a YELLOW owl ATC and this is what I recieved:

What a envelope full!

 Love the front of the card she sent!
I think I'm going to add it to my inspiration board that's going up this week!

 What an interesting owl....
I wonder what breed it is?!

 I bet it's a moon owl!
Thanks kerrydwynn, for my "Moon Owl" and the great card and goodies!

 OH Jenny from,
I <3 pink polka dotted papers,

 and these goodies made it even better!

 What a darling TAG! My daughter and I both LOVE IT!!!
She had so much fun pointing to all the great elements on the tag: The snowman, the skates, and mitts and snowflakes! It's simply wintery and LOVELY! Thanks again!

I also got another SURPRISE in the mail too this past week
an "Paper Ephemera" goodie pack just for joining in on the swap via Swap-bot.
AWESOME! The lady that was putting on the swap just decided to mail ALL the swappers out an extra goodie pack for joining in!
Thanks so much again!

I did manage to sneak out once the weather warmed up over the weekend to get all my latest swaps out and everything mailed where it needed to go. I'm still waiting on 1 of my ribbon packages from this weekends swap, and will post about ALL the great ribbons once it's here!
Hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been getting, and I can't wait to show you more, including the KIT RELEASE ON FEBRUARY 1st! I've been making some great stuff to swap, and to keep!

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