Friday, January 6, 2012

Pink Lady

As you all know I'm PINK!
I've always been pink...
sometime florescent, and sometimes pastel, but always some shade of pink.

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That was until....
well I don't exactly know when it was that I stopped being that girl, but I've just realized lately that she's gone.
Heheee poor bunny

Maybe it was the shacking up, or the kids, or married life.....
who knows.

All I do know is that I NEED TO BE THAT PINK LADY!

And better yet I WILL BE THAT PINK LADY again!!

I have decided that allot of things that haven't been about me in a long time, ARE GOING TO BE.
That includes me being PINK!
I'm actually heading out tonight wearing:
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Well maybe not exactly that, but my PINK COAT. 
It's that color, and my hubby hates it.
He hates it because people stare at me when I wear it....
That's actually the reason I like it. (I guess we're all different)

Seriously though... 
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I feel better in pink....
and sometimes that's what we all need is just a little something to kick start us feeling better about ourselves.
I really believe that.

That said I'm singing and pinning about it, just so you don't feel discouraged if your feeling the same way.
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There's always a door just waiting to be opened to the pink side of you.....
just take out the key and set yourself free.

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Who knows you just may decide life is a little sweeter if you do!

Who knows maybe all this is being brought on by my daughters 2nd birthday coming up next weekend.
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Oh, I hope she grows up to be PINK!

~Please head on over to my PINTREST, and see what else is in my THINK PINK board  has to offer!

Thanks for Singing and Pinning with me AND NATASHA

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