Friday, February 24, 2012

Crop this weekend!

OMG! Do I really have time for this?!
I signed up for a crop this weekend, not knowing at the time I will be off and flying to Peurto Vallarta, Mexico next week on FRIDAY NIGHT! OMG!
I have so much to get ready before then, but have to stop and hyperventilate first!

Watercolor Paintings by Agnes Cecile painting art

I feel excited and silly, as I crazily flitter about my house trying to gather a million things into piles of things to be packed activities that need to be done. My kids are following me from level to level in wonder and anticipation of what this may accomplish.

So far: I have gathered everything together for my next month kit, from Scrap'n with Flair. I will tell you there are only 2 of MY kit available for purchase so when you see it, and if you want it don't hesitate to buy it! It is PACKED FULL OF GOODIES!
I will be bringing it with me to Scrap-a-palooza 2012 February 25th, which is tomorrow... maybe to work on it, maybe not... I'm not sure yet.

I also have everything ready for the "Make & Take" I'm teaching!! OMG, YEAH I"M TEACHING! It's such an honor that Leanne has such confidence in my and my abilities to let me do this! THANKS AGAIN LEANNE! I can't wait to show the ladies what I know, and introduce them to ATC's (a mini work of art for trading)

I rounded up a bunch of stuff to pack, but know I won't have anytime to actually get it done today, but things are there to get into my suitcase...

and now... I need to search my mountains of photos for some I want to use:
a) with my kit (maybe my daughter's birthday?)
b) that I really just feel like scrapbooking (ex) Las Vegas photos in my new book

I don't know........... and I them done tonight for tomorrow. Take about last minute procrastination.
OK, I'm off to do instead of type! And, I'll be back to post photos of the event and my 1st "Make & Take"!

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