Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well maybe I'm just wasting time instead of finishing a couple projects, but it is fun to skip over to PINTREST and see what other people are looking at and being inspired by.

Right now I seriously wish I could have stayed at my step-son's 4H public speaking event, but my daughter was having none of that idea, so it was just easier to leave.... To bad, and I really hope he did well.


 (the beatles)

Now that that silly/ mushy song is sorta buzzing around in your brain, sorta like the little diagram, maybe you can understand how busy my life has been. I started swapping like a mad woman this year, and am thinking maybe I need to slow down a bit... LMFAO. YEAH RIGHT!.

I've been buzzing on a Valentine's high for a while now.
 And when do you think that BUZZ is gonna stop??
Probably the day after Valentine's, or maybe after all the chocolate goodies are gone. WHO KNOWS!

All I know is I seriously need to make one of these wreaths ASAP!
Valentine's wreath ideas
I'm LOVING the flower petal looking one! (top left)
I need to see what kind of colors of petals I can get....
YEP, must do that TODAY!!

THEN, I saw this cool looking ACCORDION ENVELOPE CARD thingY to make...
tutorial accordion envelope card
and I think I need to try it out, YEP!
(I will post the results later this week!)

And then you know if I'm making that Valentine colored envolope thing,
I better get on to making some Valentine's too.
super cute and easy candy dot valentines
These are so sweet, and whimsical!

Which got me thinking about my boys Class party coming up!
Valentine's classroom ideas
I wonder if his teacher will have some cool things for us to do?!

I found this VALENTINE super cute, and funny
Happy Valentines day everyone! Feel free to download and print these valentines!
Especially the top one, as they are trying teach the kids to ignore people that are bugging them.

Then I saw this guy
If cat's had jobs...
LOL, he looks like the same Valentine cat, and he's sorta Kawaii (Japanese cartoon-ish) <3
I wonder what he's going to make me??!

Maybe these:
Whoopie Pie
OH NUM-NEE! As Ana would say!!
Can I put in my order now for Valentine's Day? I'll need a dozen Mr. Cat, LOL

Man I think I need sleep, or maybe retail therapy!
Hope you have all had a great weekend!!

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